Monday, December 15, 2008

The Experience....

-soooo, friday afternoon received word the venue had been cancelled...mind you, we drove to NO for this gig...and because of prior commitments would drive back friday night....i was a lil leery at first, but it all checked out. broke the news to my fellow poets...but we were ok with it, and knew it would all work out...and it did...made a phone call to another contact...bam 2 more worries. made the needed phone calls...some folks were not happy. then realized, uh oh, only packed for a couple of days...
-did the tourist thing, hit the french sin city is an understatement...bourbon was too much even in the middle of the afternoon...
-found a great lil dive on one of the side streets (always go off the beaten path folks) playing jazz and cover songs...some stranger grabbed faye and started dancing as soon as we walked in...guy playing the guitar and singing looked ALOT like Blackula....ya'll don't nothing about that oldie? hey we are in New Orleans, stranger things have happened
-did lots of driving and sightseeing and getting lost..repeat on the lost and driving and more time repeat on the lost, driving and sightseeing
-drove further into the neighborhood, well what was left of it, and realized we were face to face with the levee...we had been close to the 9th ward the whole time...i could not control the emotions that flooded my being, like these streets once had been. i wanted to run and beat on that wall...i was so overcome with tears, anger and sorrow...didn't expect it...the car was silent for a very long time. the things our eyes saw was beyond comprehension...kept shaking my head asking why? why 3 years later and it still looks like this? yet the tourist areas and the higher economical areas....what hurricane?
-the people in these devastated areas are taking care of their own, for no outside help is coming for them. still. no help, but they have each other.
-the military police still roam the streets...marinate on that for a minute
-the people do what they can, when they can; even if its working late into the night with only a generator to show some light (we saw this).
-still trailers in driveways of houses that no longer exist, or look like empty shells, cars abandoned, streets in much need of repair...yet amongst all of this a few children still find the time to play basketball with a makeshift goal. i smile.
-our first feature was @ the Red Star Galleries, nestled in a lil corner of heaven...all the business in this triangle area were black owned. BEAUTIFUL! from a creole woman-owned coffee shop called Black Coffee, a rasta shop starting a clothing line (but the rastas inside look like a front for the militant revolution-seriously), a vinyl record store...yes i said vinyl...the youngings in the car couldn't understand my enthusiasm lol...there were more, but those stood out
-we rocked it neosoul proud style! they usually have visual artists that come through, being only a month new, we were the first official spoken word artists that featured there. nice huh? got some new ideas and some new folks to add to the extended family
-next night's feature was across the Crescent City Connection bridge, you remember the bridge...when folks tried to escape, they were turned away by armed police and military...yeah that bridge.
-the lovely Asia Rainey, man she is stunning in person, helps run a community center in Westbank, called the Craig Cultural Center, just a few months old...again the need for taking care of one's own...and they do.
-we were truly blessed and blown away by some of the youth that hit the mic...oh did i mention, we hung out with some of the New Orleans Youth Slam team...yeah and WOW...we were priveledged to hear some of the new group pieces too.
-ended our night hanging with some of them at Cafe de Monde, with a lil street poetry.
-needless to say, after packing up the car, we didn't want to leave...but knew we would be back...soon...this trip has changed me a bit...i have got to do more in my community to help my own, as poets we should.

Friday, December 12, 2008

And So It Begins... grateful list first...
--for the Creator blessing thee, even when i don't deserve it or recognize it at the time.
--for the beautiful women in my life...all so different, but the ties that bind are there...and i have learned so much from each...i hope some good things have come from me as well.
--for knowing i must stay in my lane for this one, though i want to take the car and run you over the head...but his perceived happiness is more important
--for intense words around the circle of life @ the house of words...damn i love poets and how we think
--for an amazing sunday morning spent with the ladies of excellence...was truly blessed
--for childhood friends who continue to bless my life with their presence and "walking around funds" lol
--for the soldier who walked quickly thru my life...we had fun though didn't we...tucked prayers in your army sack...i will keep those words safe (i'm coming back, michelle)
--for mini road trips to ktown to giddings withing 12 hours of one another...i am getting to old for this shiznitt lol
--for stepping away just for a moment...breathe
--for first dates and last dates lol...was wondering where the cameras were for "you been punked!"
--for sisterfriends...we got this on lock! growth is a mofo huh
--for you and i talking thru it
--for my God, who takes care of fools and babies...well far from a baby these days, and too close to being a fool...but i am in His hands...all that matters
--for love...i know its waiting on me to get me together...i am working on it
--for taking the tour leap again....

which leads to me the following...
-faye & i rocked the mic @ The Red Scoot Inn. my brother came through with his new girl, and didn't even know his sister was one of the features lol...meant to be. Ms. Ria was friggin' awesome as a host.
*word of caution* don't try to challenge Ria on the mic...she will have you sliced up and feed you to yourself AND calling your mamma for help!!
-had a late night dinner @ pluckers (thanks tre) with faye and justin...laughing and talking about what else, poetry, our lives, and everything else under the sun.
-time to get this started, so said our goodbyes, gased up and hit the road
-faye's cell phone rings 5 minutes down the road..."ya'll leaving tonight, ya'll gone?" i just laughed because i already knew he wanted to go...knew he was sitting at his crib thinking man they going to new orleans, trip of a lifetime...blah blah u-turned and picked up justin lol. 5 more minutes and he would of been OUT OF LUCK...but again, everything for a reason...
-3 of us got on the road about into New Orleans around 5pm...yes it took that long....this is why....folks in texas can't drive in ice and snow...bridges were shut down, traffic jams in one spot literally 2hours, overturned vehicles...oh and saw a cop bust his ass getting out of his patrol car to help another accident victim out...couldnt do anything but laugh...slipping and sliding and bam! terrible i know...oh well
-2 freaky snow storms...the other was in new orleans...i found it to be quite symbolic though....the tour Brian and I went on in 2006 started with a yeah very symbolic
-staying with my sis's mom (thank you tova, love you)we had every intention of going out last night to see the city...why did we lay down for just a minute (our intentions)ummm didn't get up until 6 am this morning...our butts where whoooooped to say the least.
-so now let the adventures begin...keep ya updated...still send prayers up people....and for this city....what i have already seen makes no damn sense!!!
...for now peace out

Monday, November 24, 2008

I Am Grateful....

--for The Most High, and everything surrounding that is good
--for one great weekend of poetry...from the babies to the grown folks...meeting one amazing lil' queen by the name of Madison
--for writing labs that demand the darkness to be you you fam....the tears are necessary
--for the necessary tears to allow the healing
--for another day...its been harder and harder to stay on this plane...but i was gently reminded i still have work to do
--for sitting in the sun and sitting in the dark, girl talks
--for the beautiful women in my life that bless me everyday with their presence and their words
--for showing the way to love right in your face...don't be too scared sis, he has been and will be your everything
--for big brother hugs and forehead kisses
--for a real chill ladies night...i needed it
--for the start the buildup
--for blessings in disguise
--for late night talks under the stars at the round table @ the newly dubbed "House Of Words" lol
--for meeting a very nice possibility (smile) but the irony of being deployed for over a year in less than 3 weeks, does not sit well...sigh
--for holding on in one of my darkest moments...i dare you to call on HIM, and see what happens
--for you and i writing about the same thing...girl i love the hell/heaven out of you
--for holidays reminding me what family and friends are all about

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Memoir...

(write your memoir in 6 words however you choose...write 6 stanzas, 5 lines each, each stanza with same word, each line has to begin with the word in your memoir..make it flow)

Born, i, from heartache
poetic resurrection

born i am
born i am to live past existing
born to exist despite my past
born to continue to live
born to live i
i am here
i woman
i love
i now
i now am in spite of you
from where do i go from here
from here to there
from in betweens
from filling gaps
from protruding gaping hearts
heartaches fills gaps
heart aches to feel
heartaches need no understanding to be
heartaches be of no understanding
heartaches make for good poetry
poetic intentions intend to put their best word forward
poetic forward pens will not lie still trying to write
poetic veins running thickly with poetry sustaining creation and
poetic heartache
poetic heartache i am thee
resurrection if you only knew
resurrection new
resurrection without knowing
resurrection knows
resurrection knows me

Saturday, November 15, 2008


(zion was the word given to me...write 26 sentences with Zion as the first word in the sentence. then pick 5 sentences and incorporate into a piece related to something going on in the world. mine was two-fold...about a personal relationship, yet also a letter to the nation/world from Michelle Obama...the next first still amazing to even say that)

My Dearest Zion
i inhale the death of you
to exhale me
been lost in translation
trying to translate the loss
of being lost without you
in your terms
on your terms
for Zion floats in the between vacant spaces
meet me halfway
dare to dream wholeness
peace of mind
so take care and mind my peace
this Zioness woman
watch her ways
feel her kiss
penetrate the way to wholeness
its best for both
slide slender fingers carefully below swiss-holed skin
in between today and tomorrow
take heed not to tear what has already been torn
even pressure causes diamonds to birth
let them drink mother's milk
paternal handlings bear witness to great seeds
as Zioness tendencies betray this heart
with good intentions
barren i am
but still bare succulent fruit
so bite
be satisfied
as holistic juices slide down lips
full of potential
licked from tips of fingers on point
and hear Zion within angelic laughs
coming from the dark cave of your being

Thursday, November 13, 2008

From Grandmother To Me To Her For Forgive

cocooned harmony sings lullabies
for girl child in need of wings
she doesn't realize she already has
slow even breaths
beat ancestral love across wetness of birth
breathe child
inhale mahogany strength into fragile lungs will hide your voice of woman
for many years to come
yet still write on my existence
long before
long after
reach deeply into front porch wisdom
blaze the trails i left fire upon
don't question
don't doubt
i am you
you are me
we are thee
then be...
hands deep in the struggle for self
prying open rib cages
to bare hearts to be broken
sewing kits in back pockets
for moments like these
squeeze every last drop of hope
onto screamless tongues
swallowed pride
will not allow
a mother's child to truly see
the child in her mother...
inked thumbs
bruise the pages from my mother's journal
juggles the eyes of angels
how different love can be...
prism reflections
imprison memories
of non forgiveness
umbilical cords
highwayed poison into altered beings
how can me come from thee?
breathe child...
for she too is in need of wings
she doesn't realize she already has
so sing with me
cocooned harmony lullabies
so she too can split her rib cage
to reveal her heart...
where is your sewing kit child
for moments like this?
how different love can be...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


was given this prompt by jono...he asked us each 3 things...what u like, what you love, what you know...from that he came up with a writing prompt for each of us...taking other's answers, so none of us got our own back...babyboy is something else...

Everything's sweet
all is honey
my lover's prayer in my ear
(we could use the words verbatim, what it means to you personally, or break it up)

everything is sweet
all is honey
dripping slowly
from lips slightly parted
my lover's prayer in my ear
whispering in tongues
searches for redemption
amongst Koran & Psalm lullabies
etched beneath my skin
blasphemy i know...
but sacred is this temple
built for thee
for this is hollow ground
i will raise my alter
to your thickening sky
inscribe your comings
in the Book of Shadows
hidden between full moon thighs
breathe this life into me
as i gasp the answer to life
in harmony with you
my tongue traces hieroglyphics
in desperate codes
along passionate willingness
breathe for me...
take my very breath away
then let me kiss it back
as you look into these eyes of salvation
do you hear it?
right there
just pass moans
and heavy breaths
do you hear it?
where angels wait to become seeds
into me
so that they may live
because here
everything is sweet
and i mean everything is honey...
please lick slowly

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grateful Still....

--for moments i acknowledge in gratitude
--for the tour coming together very well and the help from others
--for the freedom to do so...we will work on working for the man full time when i get back lol
--for the love i keep within, and the love i give outwardly
--for morning texts to keep me smiling
--for dark days and bright days...all a part of me
--for you always trying to "fix it"
--for blood or otherwise...still family
--for understanding....coming slowly...but still it's coming
--for girlfriend hangouts...i think if someone watch us they would report us to the crazy farm lol
--for girlfriends i can be myself with
--for long distance flirts...don't make me get my passport sir lol
--for young stars turning into young warriors before our eyes
--for the pen moving again....deeply bleeding
--for laughter the only way you can bring you lion
--for understanding again....of self, and why i do what i do the way i do beat is different...and that is fine by me
--for wanting to give everything...yet my cup will always remain full when i see your smile
--for being part of a great group of poets...yeah sis i know, its different now...but at least we were part of it has shaped our world many of us have laid the path for others to follow...though there will never be roadtrips like ours
--for music that makes me feel all melancholy inside...or want to bust your windows out LOL LOL...not really
--for the people of this nation finally getting a voice....NOW YOU HEAR US....i pray he will remember

Monday, November 03, 2008

Rip My Heart Out Please....

if you ever WANT to get past some issues within yourself...go to a bfran writing lab with our beloved JONO facilitating....

contact like this...
hard i know
no smiles
stop hiding behind them
and beautiful dark eyes
darken even more
words he does not know...or does he
young heart
old soul
commands ones that ring so true
so close to home
so soon
too soon
open doors of opportunity
for tears to crawl through
i want to catch each diamond
construct a bridge
for you to cross
wait for me on the other side
secrets and pain dare not speak
eyes bat them away
at the possibility of you leaving them
get back in your corner
not your time
whether its is your time or not
it is not my time
and i am not ready
hush lil' baby
don't you cry
mommas's going to buy you a mockingbird
and if that mockingbird don't sing
mommas going to lose everything.................................................

i can't do this
i must do this
ready or not
here goes
feel this shit
every painful moment
every pebble in your shoe
that has bruised your heel
these feet carry a heavy load
not scale wise
but life wise
shoulders will break
even with a feather's kiss
do i want
do i need this...yes
how dare you make me feel ANYTHING!
reflections don't see me
but her eyes caught a glimpse
offering me to me
look closely
no not around the edges
where its safe
look into me
where its not safe
where there are no more veils to hide behind
no daggers to stab backsides
or smoking guns at crime scenes
see the blood pool the outline of you
the do not cross the line barricade
she is you
she is we
but no longer us.....breathe

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Here Goes...

--for the Creator & She thumping me on the head...ok, ok...i get it
--for at least TRYING to get it right
--for knowing I AM the one who is most important in this game called life to love
--for dark days subsiding
--for the ones who pulled me through...never enough thank you's
--for this feeling inside...its going to be ok shelle
--for hosting again, and getting it right...under the wings of a fellow host and friend, and sometimes a bad azz
--for knowing we don't have to hang out or talk all the time, but i know you are there, and know i am too sis ;)
--for knowing when i really needed to be there....crazy weekend, we laughed through the pain and flat tires lol
--for honesty
--for gifts in the mail...thank you
--for chilly evenings and early early mornings...soooo nice
--for the power of prayer...i am telling you, try it...won't be disappointed...but be careful WHAT you pray for
--for text messages to get you through a day
--for cleansing tears and meditation
--for figuring out my role with you...its all good
--for the beauty of my children...i done good

Friday, October 17, 2008

Just a Lil'

i see you
within the far reaches of my mindscape
the areas that i don't even want to claim
therefore you are null and void
yet you will not comply
refusing to leave
sticking to role of heartache
like gum on the heel of highs
don't even know you are there
...until you hamper my steps

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


love freely, love deeply, love purely. love yourself the way you've always wanted to be loved, and love others the same way. love well, love often. find it in your heart to love those who have never shown you love---for they need it most of all. give so much love that you're certain to get some back. open your heart to the woman who lives on the sidewalk with her two daughters. love her. have compassion for the man who fired you from the job you loved most of all. love him. love all the earth has to offer-her people, her birds, her stones, insects, trees, mice, and oceans. love something--anything!--with a passion. love something larger than yourself. call it Goddess, call it God, call it Nature, call it Divine, call it Source, call it Beauty. Call it Love.
--from Rachel Snyder's 365 Words of Well Being for Women

i must remember to love the most important i

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tough Week, but i am still finding the Goodness...

--for the private time with The High One, and the Grace granted
--for starry nights, a haunting moon, and a fabulous telescope...we are so small, and God is a grand designer
--for the ones i keep close, and the ones i keep at a distant...both make me want to do better
--for the journey of getting to know me, even in the stumbles
--for the Virgoes in my life...trying to figure it out
--for you saying i consider you a damn good friend...meant the world...we are still moving forward
--for wanting to be my soft place to fall...and being my soft place to fall
--for the smile on a weathered, wise and kind face
--for not needing or wanting drama in my life...hey some folks crave it
--for wanting to have that special someone again in my life, but realizing maybe i'm not quite ready (sing with me, "I am ready for love....")...trying to be patient though
--for text messages from the heart, and phone calls to follow
--for tough questions asked...thank you for holding up a mirror
--for girl time...we both needed it
--for loving my curls...even when they won't act right lol

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


...look at yourself, how beautiful you are. look at the love that pours from your eyes, look at how your wisdom and experience are written all over your face. look at the beauty of other women. all of them. look at their lips, full and ripe, thin and dry. look at their skin, smooth and wrinkled, creamy and course, olive and terra-cotta and peach and ebony and freckled and scarred. look at how women move. see them stride, see them shuffle, see them with eyes on the ground and eyes on the sky. see them inch slowly like the turtle; see them fly like the eagle. look at the muscles in a woman's body; look at the serenity in a blind woman's face; look at the rugged hands of a laborer. look at every person you meet with compassion and love. look for the good in their hearts and you're sure to stumble on the good in your own.
--from Rachel Snyder's 365 Words of Well-Being for Women

these particular words capture how i feel about women in general...we all are beautiful and unique...and i wish we would actually SEE that in one another.
much love
continued peace
for all of you

Monday, October 06, 2008

Picture of the Day....

like for real? lol

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Live... long as you're alive, why not live? live life to the fullest. live it up. live in the moment. live as though you had only twenty-four hours to live. live the life you've always wanted. live for yourself--not for others, alive or dead. live on the edge a bit, it's the only place from which you can take a leap. live the life that is yours alone. live wherever you want, with whomever you want, however you want, but live! don't just get a life--create one. don't just step into someone else's life--design your own. don't confuse real life with what you see on tv or at the movies. live free or die. live so that when you're dead, people will remark less on what you did in life--and more on how you lived.
--from Rachel Synder's 365 Words of Well-Being for Women

really...nothing else needs to be

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a word used to freely for what really isn't
someone close to me once said, "just cause you feel something...doesn't mean you always act on it"...words never wiser
i keep this tidbit front and center
just cause it feels good...sho don't mean its good for you
so chill out
be still
what is for you is for you
and you will know which is which
if you care to really listen to the Universe
and it won't hurt like this...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So Grateful....

--for Life, everything in it, below it, and above it
--for teaching moments, and getting it...even if its slowly
--for moving feet
--for recovering from an awful stomach virus/food poisoning...hate being that low
--for my babygirl...she turned sweet 16 ya'll, friday....sigh...hard to deal with
--for the young man by her side these days, such a gentleman...and young love can be so sweet...again, hard to deal with lol
--for loving the skin i'm in...every stretched inch of it
--for intimate moments with the Universe
--for Lindt chocolate...OMG...divine
--for all of us going to dinner i done good, so blessed
--for the tears trying not to fall from the corner of her daddy's eyes...i know, i know
--for the trip me and my oldest are planning for her 20th...good lawd...20th?
--for precious memories no one can take away
--for the women and men in my matter what, love ya'll...thank you for teaching me more about me
--for learning when to just let the hell go
--for learning everybody is not suppose to STAY in your life...and its ok...
--for my fluidity with life
--for new creations
--for good wine
--for the sanctuary of my bedroom
--for believing in me
--for new horizons this week
--for hosting again with a few other bad mofos...going to be fun
--for the possibilities of getting it right this time
--for 4 fantastic women blazing new trails excited

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


...sit in silence and see how much there is to hear. listen to people. when are they really saying? what are they not saying? listen to the very last notes of every song. listen to a sunset; listen to the sounds on your street well after midnight. listen to your intuition, to your own inner voice--the one you can hear only when the din of every day is diminished. hear the rustle of a leaf, the call of a bullfrog, the pop and crackle from your wood stove. savor the call of a gentle breeze, the flap of a bird's wings, the fanfare of a summer thunderstorm. listen with your toes, listen with your heart, and always, always listen to that which is never spoken.
--from Rachel Snyder's 365 Words Well-Being for Women

one will be surprised what they truly hear when they become still and just be quiet lol. i never understand why folks talk so much, almost like they are afraid of what they will hear if they become silent.
i try to practice this on a regular is important to my well-being...and right now i have been needing it more than ever...trying to find a foothold on this path...and eventually one foot in front of the other (lol)
so yeah, take the time to really everything and everyone around you.
you will be blessed and become a blessing to someone else...i promise.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Picture of the Day

cracked up when i saw ad for some hair product...i need some of that lol

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not Now

i got the right to be wrong
one time
many times in this lifetime
so let me be
go find another leading lady
to satisfy your understudies
oh but being wrong about you
felt so right
at the time...
...even now in fractured memories
i felt the feel of hands feeling softness
before the fall
caught you
like always
walking the tightrope
without safety nets
you were not there
yet i knew from experience
i was set up for the fall
by my own hands
stepped out on faith
faithless faith less than a mustard seed
who will believe in me?
if you have faith i will not be there
do i even exist?
and if i have faith in forgiveness
why is it so hard to pray?
all the amens have dried up with the tears........
i am taking my final bow
disappointment curtsies
no roses
no kisses
no standing ovations
faint bravos waft through the air
landing heavy at nondancing feet
i turn
hoping for a reprieve
switch has been thrown
exit slowly
head held high
downcast eyes
heart beats drowning in captured pain
i got the right to be wrong...right?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just Because...

--for The Most High, and the moments of silence we share...and the moments i listen
--for hearing back from some of my friends in galveston, they are ok...but heartbroken, like i am...i lived there for 12 years before moving back to austin...still can't believe it
--for being thrown a couple of curveballs...either i am catching 'em, bobbing & weaving, or letting 'em hit me...but non the less i'm dealing
--for a bit of self discovery and reassessment...always good, even when you don't like it
--for your hand guiding me on this path...who knew
--for all the september birthdays, especially the ones in my own household
--for our matter what...will always be there...thank you
--for your hands in my hair when you know i need it
--for creating with these hands
--for the cooler weather, so excited...and i don't even care about the chap lips or the flairing allergies lol...bring it on!
--for being back on set again
--for hanging out with my brother...always fun
--for me...i'm getting it more and more each day
--for great hip hop LIVE
--for watching my beautiful creations growing up into mighty fine individuals

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And A Child Shall Lead Them....

this is amazing...not sure who the child is...but i know he will be someone to watch out for in the future.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Never enough time...So make it

--for the Creator & She...never would of made it
--for prayer and direction
--for a friend who understands my wierdness right now and my search...he gets me, even still
--for old friends and new friends
--for patience
--for seeing the struggle in some of the women close to me...and holding their hand.
--for you reaching out to me thru text message, then calling me...and letting me vent/cry...always have such great insight
--for finally letting go...don't want to catch a case lol
--for great new camera that captures the right emotions
--for my children...growing into such beautiful responsible smart young adults...doesn't mean i'm ready for it though dammit!!
--for cooler nights....bring it on!!
--for you reaching for my hair and holding it in your hands
--for hugs that don't end too soon
--for late night talks...wishes...respect...what if's...honesty...hugs goodbye
--for hanging out with fellow poet/friend at a great boxing on primal...but a turn on...i know weird
--for this time of year which always brings strong change...and i think i'm resisting, part of latest issues...trying not to be afraid
--for purple wild flowers within reach
--for release
--for you reminding me its God's time, not ours....wait on the one for you
--for owing it to myself to become whole
--for getting it...
--for knowing everything will work itself out leo...
--for Heroes

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What About Us/Me....

started working on this over a month ago...still speaks to me to be finished...i will, soon...

what about us?
there are secrets in the sand here
we the forgotten angels
wings torn
cememented screams
falling from our broken lips
the wind desperately speaks the truth
blowing sand from twisted ankles
revealing shallow confessions
time is as carelss as our beauty
strewn across the desert
why bother
we are poor
we are brown
we are female
no consequences
why bother
we are poor
we are brown
we are female
why bother
las muertas de Juarez
what about us?
what about me?
the distraction in your peripherial
red lights
don't stop me from wanting green
from wanting a break
so stop!
just look at me
so stop!
acknowledge my humaness
even with your humanless actions
penny for your thoughts
even if you don't give a dime
careless glances thru judmental slits
you ain't shit either
have a nice day
what about me?

what about me?
can't even be myself
in a society which frowns
with biblical drowns
yet i worship the same God
the same God
that made me in His image
so what does that make Him
stretched wide for the world to witness
across barbwire boundaries i crossed
crown of thorns
no longer in your side
now i can be myself
loving men forever in heaven too
i died for your sins too
what about me?

what about me? progress

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ask And You Shall Receive.....

sooo sent out a text to a few folks: "In need of a writing prompt, any suggestions?"
got some really interesting ones back, and i will try to write on each of them over the near future. here are the ones received so far...feel inspired? go head use them...names are anonymous to protect the innocent lol..yeah right!

--love and compromise and finding the balance...
--not sure when i forgot that i needed me...
--write a letter to yourself forgiving yourself for not knowing how to always take care of you. what would you promise others in order to take care of them that you aren't giving yourself?
--write to you, talking to about you what you deserve and how to do that as if you were talking to someone outside you...
--meet the best friend you are to others. introduce her to you...
--unwanted change...
--write about needing a writing prompt and why...
--using the words beg in, begin, and beginning...
--take a page from a novel and write a poem using the words on that page...
--take title from one of your old poems and use it to inspire new thoughts and point of view of the subject...
--the concept of a poet with no tongue...
--she is the ground i walk earth/love poem...
--write about the America...and the changes we hope to see with Obama becoming president...
--keep your cloud cover to yourself, you're blocking my sunshine...
--why does the sun shine brighter when you have a hangover?
--how does chocolate and the touch of your lover's hand on the nape of your neck make you feel?
--write about the highs and lows of gambling...
--i will build a palace where this once was...
--a mentalgasmic experience...

not sure when i forgot that i needed me
not even sure when i remembered
but i did
and i do
at this moment
red rimmed eyes swollen with unfulfilled promises
hands evident the levees have broken
tired of holding arthritic fingers in heart dams
keeping proud lies present in forced smiles
abandoned arms encircle yesterday's little girl lost
"i love you"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


woke up this morning with you on my mind
actually you never left it
for dreams were filled with you too
filled so full
you overflowed into my heart
but then you didn't have a lot of room there either
seems you have claimed that space too
what is a girl to do with this perceived dilemma?
i stretch defeated arms wide
listening to the whispers of them bragging
about the last time they held you
lips tremble for the taste of you
soft skin searches for the last placed touched
and all the inbetweens your eyes sought after
resiliant thick skin seems to be thinning
or at least melting away from the memory of your gaze
"so beautiful" echoes sweetly across earlobes
nestles itself within loose curls for another day
when most needed to hear.
met by chance, i think not
you have always been there
i have always been here
we were just waiting for the fit
and we did
and we do well
life sometimes doesn't match up with heart time
crossroads are not shortcuts
so seek wisely
careful not to fall upon def ears
paths can be less traveled
yet still carry outlines of footprints to fill.
emotions stir like the winds of change
tucked away in corners of deep pockets
amongst double headed copper pennies, dried crystal tears,
and forget-me-nots.
does it matter what the future holds
simply no....
for my this moment...will always be yours

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 Points of View...From One Point of View...Both With Love

i am not strong enough to let these crumbling hands pick up the pieces of this failing existance
what could of been slips through fingers like lost time
winds of change blow dust into rose colored eyes
beauty sometimes acts as blinders
every blink to the past causes thorns to scratch away point of views
seems there is only yours my dear
point your lil finger you beautiful doll
shine for the world to see
foolish ownership
i claim my part
do you see yours...over the horizon of your martyrdom?
i walk the halls of this heart
not alone
competing with whispering ghosts and dancing skeletons
which scream for your attention
which you listen to intently
which we pay dearly
which is more than i can afford
eggshells cling to my boots
even hang loosely from my teeth
and with every i love you spoken
they are crushed into the perfect melody upon my tongue
reminding a soldier this is not his war...anymore
but still willing to die for the cause...
i wish i was enough for you...with no comparisons

i am not strong enough to let these crumbling hands pick up the pieces of this failing existance
what could of been slips through fingers like lost time
winds of change blows dust across a hardened inheritance
his imprint is forensic evidence
every blink to the past cracks the mirror evenmore
ugly reflections peeping through childlike wantings
yelling at self "I AM A GOOD PERSON"
haunting echos crash against heart walls
displaced ownership
i don't want to see my part
i just want to be loved
love me enough for the both of us
i walk the halls of this bruised heart
not alone
searching for whispering ghosts and dancing skeletons
their two-step comforts me
which gives me purpose
which directs my path
which i pay dearly daily
which i will never be able to afford
i am trying to get this right...
but self hate clings to the underside of my stilletoes
mixed with the muck i try to hide with uneven steps
reminding a fallen warrior this is her fight...her self fight
and i am worth it...
forgive my wicked tongue
forgive me for weaving deception into this love
forgive me for not forgiving me....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ahh Yes...

--for The Creator and She and the many forces at work
--for the memories still lingering from madison
--for tighter circles
--for having some great days with you sir
--for u missing me...always a good thing
--for the power of words...the ones that come from the soul
--for hanging out with poets off the mic...not bad pool player
--for watching her grow into and finding herself...its beautiful as much as she is
--for the bond between us that is getting stronger...long car rides always good
--for being a part of her release....dolphins, bonfires, colored skies, heaven's gate, and family
--for momma wanting to be close to her support system and those that love you...we will always surround you with love and never forget
--for the younger ones who i think look up to honor, and a task to be better
--for running into you oh so sweet everytime we meet...everything for a reason
--for birthdays...everyone a blessing
--for a great FUN night at Neosoul
--for a niiice getaway weekend starting today...and oh the music we will hear tomorrow will be phenomenal
--for the love and beauty of the women in my life...damn im blessed
--for my son entering highschool next week...he is growing up so fast and is so handsome....keeps me laughing
--for bittersweet feelings about them growing up...want them to always need me like i need them

Saturday, August 09, 2008

no we didnt win our bout to make it to finals...but we still will be on the final stage doing a tribute for shannon...such an honor. we knew going in we didn't have much of a chance with the two ny teams...but it was okay...our bout is the one most came to and the fact we stood strong in our words...earned us so much respect among our peers. it was a beautiful touching night...we got up there standing strong and did what we came to the poets of record...and we are the team folks are talking about.....i felt like i was on the final stage last night...our stage was sacred.

Friday, August 08, 2008

MAN!!!! i am grateful!!!!

--for the Creator & She giving us traveling grace and continuing to watch out for us.
--for this beautiful madison weather....had to wear something long sleeve...don't miss the texas heat AT ALL!!
--for one big azz family reunion, and meeting new family...poets are a different breed lol
--for the moments in between the battles
--for the denver slam nuba team...always showing so much love, and for their phenomenal body of work...i admire them so much as a team and as individuals
--for Phetote on the Killeen team who literally gave the shirt off of his back to a homeless man...and it was not a cheap
--for Canadian geese....reminds me of my birthplace just a few hundred miles away...yes i thought of going home lol...not sure if they would let me back into the us though lol
--for my damn beloved team...even with the struggles...oh and there have been struggles...we love each other and got one another's doubt...
--for coach...thank you for everything and every moment...even the tough ones...even the tough ones...all teaching moments...see you on the otherside
--for sitting in the top 5 in the nation right now!!!!! meaning we are going to the semi-finals tonight
--for the power of the words..."Go In"...and we do and we will and we will has been life changing indeed
--for allen from neo surprising us and flying in to see and support...unbelievable...
--for the unbelievable female power here...taking some of it back with me and giving it to the ones in my life
--for the strength of our beloved sheila...she herself is a warrior
--for all the love and support from folks here, and folks back you
--for missing my family...i am glad i miss them...i am glad i miss him
--for jono being by fortress...he is truly a blessing in my life
--for this life
--for calling on my village
--for vulnerability...go in

Okay so i have missed a couple of days....

like i am going to go backwards....right now, we are sitting 5th in the nation, and yes we are going to the semifinals...God is good...and so is my team...we have worked our butts off and our damn coach is unbelievable...(love you funky mike, 13 definitely learned from the you)her strategy has been right the way we won our second bout doing ALL individual pieces...neo has never done that....okay so let me see if i can remember the highlights of the week lol...sorry but poets party like its one big family reunion.
let me go back to tonight real quick and say a few things about my teammies...we have never done the pieces like we did tonight...our saying this year is "Go In"..meaning capture the emotion of the piece, become the words not just a poet spitting a was so emotional to watch each one of us up on that stage "going in" emotional doing the pieces themselves...i couldnt stop crying when i got off stage. what we have been doing lately with this concept has been life changing for coach said...there is no more excuse...everytime you go there...and you go deep.
okay...had a beautiful memorial service for our beloved shannon this moving. shiela is a warrior herself...of course since she had such a warrior daughter. i mean what else comes from a warrior womb, right?
by the way, one of our biggest supporters of neosoul and a really good poet himself...Allen, surprised us and showed up at our bout tonight...couldn't believe it...i mean really? he just wanted to come see us and check out the, we hollered when we saw him just sitting there all non chalant. lol
allen thank you and thank you for all those sending well wishes and love our each and everyone of you for it...don't stop please...we still have a fight to go.
its after 4am right now, still pumped and excited but feeling tired too all wrapped up into one.
i miss my family...felt funny not going to neosoul tonight too...hope all went well...
our family here is so beautiful, all walks of life...colors, creeds, hair lol...oh you should see the hair lol...
going to bed...will write again tomorrow

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Day !

got up...well i never went to the crack of dawn...airport by 5:30...liftoff 7:00...not too bad of a flight, some turbalance and minor rain storm, oh and jono sleeping like a rock on my shoulder and slobbering...all love lol.
we are so excited to be here, already some amazing experiences...first folks we see stepping off the plane in slam nuba...symbolic indeed. drive the rest of the way to madison...i slept for an hour maybe...but very refreshed...this country up here is beautiful and oh so green...oh and if you think i miss that texas heat, you are out of your ever loving folks said it was hot, well the was only in the low 80's and all we texas folk could do was laugh...nah we will show you heat! pretty cool town, its different, but i understand why they call it the sister city of austin...some similarities...but er can tell the poets are in town lol.
saw htown crew and hung with them a bit, saw slam nuba exploring downtown like rockstars on scooters...hey do it big right!! ran into team hollywood...and yes they are the persona...hollywood lol but all love. last team was the best...but met by there are no accidents in life...everything for a reason...hung out at the main poet hotel...nothing really going on...too quiet...don't know how on earth they are going to handle what is about to descend on their stoic pristine hotel maui walked in...we didn't know who they were, but knew they were know we know our own kind lol. greeted us with much love...beautiful great spirits...the energy between us 5 clicked and meshed instantly. hung out with them for awhile and was blessed with some of their music and freestyles...which of course fay and jono joined. me? nah i just love to listen...they blessed my ears tremendously...
now just trying to figure out what we are going to do tonight in this town...things really don't get going until tomorrow...whatever it will be, ya know it is going down in madison. lol...nope not telling all we will do lol.
to be continued....

man i can't stop grinning

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wish Us Well...and for Safe Return we go...the team is leaving in less than 24 hours for Madison, Wisconsin for one of the biggest Slam Showdowns in the nation...perhaps the world. so looking forward to the reconnection, meeting new people and just staying in the beautiful moments of this life in poetry.
send out the good energy and prayers

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yeah Its About That Time...

--for He & She, always making sure i am taken care of, even when i don't see it
--for...again, i cannot say it enough...the beautifully different women in my life..teaching, guiding, loving...reciprocated
--for one helluva my back, as i have theirs...gentle pushes, knocks ova the head...but always with love
--for one helluva issues, house air conditioner went out for 2 days, realized 2 very sentimental rings of mine just disappeared, and the list goes on...but you know what? i know how blessed i still am, and how all of this has been quite amusing
--for you not wanting me to stress...there will never be enough words to tell you how much you mean to me
--for one helluva coach, sister, friend....nuff said
--for you needing your space...and granted...see you on the other side
--for 10 pounds gone!!! haha and counting
--for an unbelievable upcoming week of hanging, loving, moments, slamming, poetry, friends, laughing, crying, acting a fool, camaraderie, cyphering...and the list goes on and on
--for knowing i need to step it up...i am the f'ing poet!!
--for my beautiful children
--for myself

Sunday, July 27, 2008


...stop rushing. just stop. sip the last drops of your tea instead of gulping them. finish your conversation before running to the next item on your calendar. pause and watch the woman who sings opera on the street, the woman who stir-fries the Chinese food, the young girl playing the violin as though she was born with it in her hand. look at the sky for just a bit longer before you get into your car. pick a leaf of mint or sage; before continuing on, rub it between your fingers and smell how delicious it smells. look into someone's eyes just a bit longer than you thought you could. linger over coffee, linger at the newsstand, linger over lunch. linger longer in bed, in the park, on the river. of course, linger longer at love.
--from 365 Words of Well-Being for Women by Rachel Snyder

its all about enjoying the moment, taking it all in...and thanking the Universe for allowing the really is just that simple.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Time Is flying it seems...Gratitude Is a Time To Slow Down

--for my cleansing release last night, totally unexpected...but sometimes prayers under the stars and an open heart will do this...thank you
--for "at this moment" precious
--for the girly tshirt from you sis
--for knowing everything is going to be alright
--for family...blood or otherwise
--for my brother and i talking it him dearly...he always has my back, and i his
--for allll the beautiful women in my life, and the ones coming into it...i am so blessed...each so different...each such the same
--for missing my babies and the tall one was too quiet
--for literati...thank you cousin...thank you king....haahahahaha (evil laugh)
--for it slowly getting back to what we were...i like it
--for less than 2 weeks to the biggest poetic family reunion and rocking the stage once again with my teammies...yeah baby
--for the slow melting pleasure of dark chocolate
--for the human touch
--for being pulled in a direction He must think i am ready for
--for reconnections
--for patient matter how stubborn you are
--for healing just a centimeter more
--for this so undeserving...but you thought enough of me to allow me to exist...order my steps in the way i need to go

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another reason to be Grateful...

--for the Creator & She...thank you for allowing me to breathe another day
--for life...its too precious
--for the women in my life, and the bonds that are strengthening
--for knowing Shazza The Great...and her Beautifully strong mother does not have a child that wondrous, without a mother's guidance
--for the poets who have come together, trying to mend the wounds
--for the poets who rocked the sanctuary walls
--for peace of mind
--for speaking my mind for peace of mind
--for our team working hard at crunch time
--for allowing myself to become vulnerable...even for a moment
--for hellacious poetry house parties...none like em
--for the gathering in the back around the table
--for the youth...damn for the youth and their words...i mean wow
--for the way you look at me
--for the right music for every occasion...for every tear..for every laugh...for every smile
--for missing you
--for cleansing tears
--for stepping away...hurts like hell though
--for his giddiness...we all want this kind of happiness...and love
--for making it official soon
--for new friends
--for forgiveness
--for my children...for my children
--for the bond between i and the young souljah
--for laughs until the tears come...always a good thing
--for chill moments just listening to the wind in the trees...they speak you know

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Just Breathe....

today we come together as one...honoring our fallen warrior...we will shake the walls of the sanctuary...cause the angels to tremble...You better take good care of her...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

her journey continues...just not here

always the slight mona lisa smile
she knew the secrets we wanted to know
kept them in the upcurve of that grin
kept them behind the fire gracing her eyes
besides the words birthed from her mouth
it is her eyes and that smile i will remember the most
20 some odd years the earth was happy
for her feet walked fully upon it
seems heaven was jealous
and wanted her back
i don't fully understand
yes i am angry
mothers are not suppose to bury their own
not suppose to bury their only
forgive me for questioning You
but what right do you have...?!
i know we are selfish
but you must understand who shannon is...
for i will never say who she was...
go head queen
continue on your path
teach the angels why they must fly
kiss the sudanese children goodnight
mend the fences that were breaking
show us what it means to live
write on the hem of His garment
close the holes in His palms
make Him blush with the words "Fuck Me Human"
go head warrior
do your thing
we will be watching the skys
knowing every shooting star
is really you throwing your spear
thank you for allowing me to know you
but dammit

Friday, June 27, 2008


let it be. just let it be and let go. let her have her way, then let go of it once and for all. let her have her way, then let a sleeping dog lie. let it be okay. let it be. let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with you. let up on the gas and let your mind wander. let yourself go. let your hair down; let it swing free and easy. let yourself have a break now and then will you? let yourself live again and love again. if someone has let you down, let it pass. let bygones be bygones. let the truth be known, now and forever. let the bells ring and the chimes chime.
--from 365 Words of Well-Being for Women by Rachel Snyder

and this has been part of the growth lately...just letting go...not letting folks walk over you or take advantage, but loving people where they are in their life at that time. not letting life get to me, especially the things i have no control over. to not hold forgive others...more importantly to forgive myself.
just let it be and let go....peace

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Haven't Listed In Awhile...But Still Always Grateful...

--for He & She always present, always blessings, always Grace
--for everday you get just a lil' better...hold on beautiful warrior
--for a great weekend and bonding even more with my team...crazy butts
--for being friends, and not just teammates...priceless
--for the inspiration and the fire put under our behinds and in our pens...WOW
--for you and the smile on my face you are responsible for...not ready for this
--for you trusting will get better...but you are the one who must change sir
--for my new poet's bag all the way from across the seas...its hot!! my other bag is pissed at me for putting him away lol
--for knowing when to walk away...even for a moment
--for having the right music for every situation...why isn't this stuff played on the radiowaves?
--for you wanting to spoil me...thank you for appreciating me
--for vulnerability
--for the women in my life...never can say this one enough
--for the laughter of all 3 of my children in the same room...what else can i ask for
--for crazy text messages to make me laugh, cry, smile, and laugh again
--for remaining in the moments...its the lil things that count
--for 6 weeks to one of the best experiences we will have together

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

write sister...
we are waiting
to feel the fire of your phoenix
the sun pales in comparison
to the fierceness piercing
from your warrior gaze
continue to write at His
at Her feet
oh the stories you will tell
when you return
please don't keep her too long
we still need her here
so write sister...
we are waiting

Monday, June 16, 2008


close your eyes and step out over the edge. leave behind the baggage that will weigh you down. stretch farther than you beieved you could. gather your courage; you'll need it. let go of every one of those twenty-seven reasons why you can't do it. drop the concepts of failure, of success. just do it. know that you'll fly or you won't. the ground isn't that far away-and if you create a safety net before you go, someone will somehow break your fall. maybe falling is okay. you're not jumping off Mt. Kilimanjaro; you're simly testing your reach, bridging what seemed to be an impossible chasm. sell off your furniture and take a trip. cut up your credit cards. become houseless for a while. ask the children's father to take them for a month while you write or train or sing or sleep. ask again. move far away. leap.
--rachel snyder

right this moment...this is where i am in my the fork in the the edge of the cliff...with toes gripping the edge and the wind calling my name.......

Monday, June 09, 2008


if you were born to be a leader, lead! take the lead if it isn't given to you first. blaze the trail. usher in a new era. lead your people, lead your generation, lead us all into the promise of a new tomorrow. when the people lead, the leaders will follow. take the lead position and give others a target to aim for. lead the way to victory; lead the way to freedom. if it has always been hard for you to follow, now it's the time for you to lead. take one woman by the hand and lead her to a life of peace. lead her back to herself. if all the world's a stage, we need our leading ladies. and that means we need you now, more than ever, to lead.
--from 365 Words Of Well-Being For Women by Rachel Snyder

first, i must say a special hello and thank you to ms. snyder...if you haven't noticed she has been visiting and commenting on my blog. first time she responded i was like oh wow, then i was hoping she wasn't upset at me posting from her book lol.
i know so many of us have absorbed her words to heart, and some have even purchased this wonderful lil' book. both were my intentions for starting the posts. so thank you for stopping by...and i hope you guys will check her out on my list to the side.

second, the last few sentences of "Lead" are so important...start with taking one woman's hand and lead her back to herself or lead her out of a bad situation. i remember the ones who did this for me, and i will forever be grateful. i told myself a long time ago, i would always do the same for one at a time, grab those hands, go back and get another...then another...and yet another...until the healing is done...and in turn we heal ourselves, don't you think?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Today of course..and everyday....

--for the Creator & She...always close, always love
--for one helluva team this year...the passion we have for the words...despite the game of slam
--for the beautiful women in my life, and the things we teach one another...and the hands clasped together
--for the smile on his face when he speaks of her
--for my magnificent children...thank you for allowing me to be your mommy
--for starry nights and listening...just listening
--for trusting me...for trusting you
--for the way you look at me and smile...but we know...we know it is not our time
--for music that makes me holla and be damn if i keep still
--for letting go, peeling off just a few more breathe
--for you slowly coming into your own lil panther...thank you for allowing me to witness the growth
--for rachel snyder visiting my blog lol with a good comment (check her out)
--for the people in my life...damn i am blessed
--for my creative hands
--for this life...tis good, tis good

Thursday, May 29, 2008

sweetness she is...

you taste like home
like after sunday dinner's dessert
sitting under grandmother's glass cake dome
teasing me with anticipation
the sweetness of lemon cake crumbles
melting on my tongue benediction

beautiful brown
make love to my hands
with skin softened by wisdom and time
in chocolate divinity
allow me to drown in progress...aren't we all

his words...poets are dangerous (lol)

(not my words...wish they were though)

A free verse moment (just wanted to give you something from me)

Let me capture you in my wings…
Help you to see the things…that are already there
A ball of positive energy burning deep within
A heart that has holes from leftover foes
Who made promises in the color of blood
And then killed your insight with false prophecies of love
Let me help you release and be free
To reach the peak of your existence
To pitch a tent against the wind…
Meditate under the stars
And start allover again
Because you are that sun…
That lights my inside with words to live by unknowingly
You have captured the flow in me
And others that have crossed your path
Live for you and never focus on the past
The new you that knows how to hold, how to feel, and how to take control
Of those who come against you
I have been in your shoes…that have been worn by ancestors before us
When you love like we do…evil comes against us
It’s the natural law of being unnatural...
For we breed the same flow…walk the same road of being different
Let’s combined energies and ignite
Let your wings take an artistic flight
And fly poet fly….just fly
The weather is beautiful up here

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Impossible Girl

Funky Mike's writing assignment: after listening too "Delilah" by The Dreseden Dolls, we had to write about an impossible girl...either she is impossible or an idea or situation is impossible.
i wrote about myself, speaking to myself, trying to save myself....

hey you
we need to talk
what about us?
i am tired of holding us together
this multifaceted woman
with cracked dimensions
self seeping slowly from salted fissures
depleted tape
tears slowly curling edges
sew tear ducts close
allowing them to retreat and fill empty heart chambers
cleanse the sticky residue of him
always searching for lil' boy lost
in every man you meet
the fixer
the healer
while you fall apart
tearing at the seams
stranger's kisses are not glue
warm nights only leave cold mornings
salvation will not be found between legs
no matter how many times you call God's name
get off your knees in prayer
he is not the bread of life
all you want
lick the crumbs from in between fingers
all you want
gorge on his existence
all you want
you will always remain hungry
hardened bodies don't allow soft flesh
to fall to safety
only the sickening sound of a dull thud
like jumping off the edge
knowing he will continuously cut the cord
yet you expecting one day to fly
i need for you to fly
i need for you to fly away
with me
with splintered wings, tattered seams and all
you know the ones you've hidden in soiled pockets
full of pennies
because he didn't care about thoughts
yes those...
i can't promise i will catch you
but try anyway
you impossible girl

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Da Week N Da Weekend Full of Gratitude...

--for trusting my instincts the Good Lord and She blessed me with...just got to listen
--for a week of abundant cash flow...always a good thing
--for being able to spoil my babies even more so, because of the extra...definitely a great thing
--for pizza, telling it like it is and laughs with 2 of my favorite people...priceless
--for the poetic family growing and for the family returning home...a blessing seeing you two on the mic again...NEO NEO WHAT!!!!
--for the cutest teacher directing our practice...natural leader
--for my pen calling me again
--for our real nice conversation at the bar...nice to finally meet you
--for the excitement of the new baby coming to fruition...say what?...SAY ANYTHING!
--for unexpected phone calls to keep me smiling
--for the way you and i "talk" without speaking a word, or when distractions come around, how we catch each other's look and laugh...yeah you stuck with me too
--for my lil' black panther always down to party...she fits everywhere
--for saying i am "wife material" thank you ma'am
--for beautiful mild days and cool nights...why can't it stay like this
--for crazy storms watched from safe open doors, and tornadoes staying away from my house...even though the sirens went off
--for this life of mine...i am truly happy and most truly blessed

Thursday, May 15, 2008


...laugh when it all becomes so ludicrous there's nothing else to do. laugh big, deep laughs that open up your throat and your lungs and your belly. laugh alone, laugh in concert with other laughers. at the movies, laugh when no one else laughs--and let them wonder what they've missed. laugh at your own mistakes, your own foibles, your own foolishness. laugh in the face of fear. laugh until you cry, laugh until you have a stomachache. let laughter be your medicine, your companion, your music of joy from within. laugh in school or at work or in church. get up and leave the room if you must. laugh in public. bend over laughing, fall to the ground laughing, roll on the floor laughing. start an entire room laughing, start the whole world laughing. and don't stop until you have the last laugh. she who laughs, lives.
--rachel snyder

i think this simple verb is one of the most important things anyone can do. just laugh no matter what! feels so good when you are laughing so hard, tears are flowing and you are begging for the craziness to stop because your stomach is hurting so much....that is great stuff.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Amazingly Grateful...

--for ordered steps in His path, if you shall receive
--for just a lil bit more breathe...
--for embracing the feelings and working through them instead of stuffing them
--for the lil switch that has finally gone off in my head...5 pounds out now!
--for the strength and power of women, especially when we come together
--for a wolf's fierce love for her man-cub...i understand
--for this thursday's neo....f*cking incredible...old school meets new school...neo neo...its not about ego's or mic time...its about a growing community, a family
--for your brown eyes smiling at me from across the table, and your lil hands in mine
--for newness
--for the excitement the team is feeling...we moving and moving fast
--for new clothes...hmmm i need some new shoes lol
--for my outlook on life these days....tis fabulous!...i am being prepared for something big ya'll...not sure what it is...but something is brewing i can feel it
--for the sound of wind whispering thru the trees, in anticipation of feeling it across my that sound
--for meditation and peace of mind
--for my babies...ahhh my babies
--for the sweet love she has found, looks good on you girl
--for just hanging out, laughing, no expectations, no drama...just a slow even flicker of a flame contained...
--for her writing again...keep that pen dancing babygirl
--for long lists...priceless

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mental Foreplay

the best sex starts in the foreground of the mental playground
may i play in your sandbox for awhile?
share all my toys with you
even show you some new ones
we can play with our words
until we achieve deep stimulation
until the streetlights come on
so come inside
ease your hardness
into my softness
no movement
just sanctuary
within thy temple
bodies meditating in silence
set our minds a fire
soothe the soul
inscribe illusions across eyelids
like Ouija board incantations
hands kneading away at the subtleties
and thickness of curves
caress the underside of my thigh
go deeper into this playground
i told you i would share it all
soft heat whispers secrets across necklines
into wisps of curls
the scent of vanilla
the taste of raspberries
i your favorite sweetness
you my favorite weakness
intoxicates senses
let tongues seek their own inebriation
drink me into heaven
without judgement
without sin
sip me into sunrises
swallow straight through sunsets
savor this flavor
of blissful insanity
allow me to be the ultimate aphrodisiac
so come and play in between these mental walls
so come...


labor hard to bring forth your creations. labor long into the night. feel your body as a sacred vessel, pouring out the fruits of your labors. give birth to an idea, a vision you've carried for decades. sweat and grunt and moan low to bring forward your music, your words, your dance, your dream. yourself. feel yourself ready to open. hear yourself cry out from the pain. scream for everyone to leave you alone. beg for everyone to hold you close. surround yourself with women while you labor. ask them to hold your hands, to rub your back, to bring you warm blankets and cool drinks and an extra box of diskettes. know that whatever you birth, when the labor is over, the hard work begins.
--rachel snyder of 365 Words of Well-Being for Women

the fight to bring forth love is worth every scratch, bruise, and blood spilt...right?

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Once or twice.

three times at the most.

then quit your complaining, and get over it.

it might make you feel well, but the rest of us are sick and tired of hearing it!!
--rachel snyder

lol, this one had me laughing and saying HELL YES!
you know we all know someone who is like this...whining about their life or somebody else or something else non-stop. okay...yeah...say it, then get moving...or what ya going to do about it? venting is good, i might add...there is a place for it...but you also need to know when to shut the hell up and do something about it. quit sitting in your own shit, get the broom out and clean your mess up!
whew...i needed to say that, i think...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gracious Gratitude

--for the one who created this complication, and the one who continues to stand by me
--for knowing (sometimes) when to speak, and when to shut the hell up
--for crawfish boils, bad azz domino partner (they can't handle us!), great stimulating conversations, good company, reconnections and new connections, an unlikely dj, kindred spirits, and the passion of women...all in the same evening!
--for kayaking on an absolutely perfect day with my brother and my oldest gift
--for forgiveness
--for the growth in us that is obvious and acknowledged
--for paths that continue to cross...lets walk this one together this time
--for knowing...KNOWING my peace and joy does not come from outside sources...its been a long road to actually finally feel this coming to fruition
--for the sparks our lips create together
--for getting lost in a good book
--for prayer...i recommend it to any and everybody
--for the homeless man who said i had a pretty smile--and wanted nothing
--for meeting a young man who has been beyond the veil of this earthly plane, i believe he will be a good teacher...and he could see the unearthed power in me
--for family...blood and otherwise

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Knit...(for you babygirl)

...knit by the fire in the autumn of the year. knit all winter long, woolen socks and mittens, hats and leggings. knit a magical scarf that tells magical stories, mystical yarns. knit ten thousand stitches and, at every stitch, recite a prayer. knit with wool cotton, handspun yarns, curlicued and mohair-soft and fuzzy. knit, purl, knit, purl. knit a family together. knit a community together, drawing each thread closer and linking with the others. knit a row, purl a row, knit a row, purl a row. knit for the baby not yet born a hooded shawl, tiny feet warmers, a blanket dyed with the marigold's gold. knit with your greataunt's needles, smooth wood or ivory, the mouths of whales, clicking softly, softly.. knit and purl, and knit and purl and knit and purl, and knit.
--rachel snyder

and she does so well...knit your heart back together and stronger sis...much love

Sunday, April 27, 2008

mirrored pockets

beauty personified she is
but she doesn't know it
sees only distorted reflections
in cracked mirrors
kept hidden in bits and pieces
in the deep reaches of pockets
rubbing already scarred thumbs
across sharp edges
slicing flesh to the core
the only way she feels alive
for words change
and are temporary
though some stick
like gummy sidewalk trash
...when she is alone
in the darkness
and solitude of herself
she pulls the bloody shards from their hiding places
carefully arranging an image
of brittle distortion
trying to get the pieces to fit
trying to see past conflicted images
not lining up
something always missing
she doesn't see the answer
only more questions of devalue
she is
as simple as a flower in a field
with yellow arms and brown eye
looking for the sun

and not seeing it
missing the beauty of just being
missing the beauty of she.

...the highlighted line is Jonathan Sterling's words...poets had to write a number of similies. later, one poet would pass on one of the similies to another poet, and have them write off of that particular line. this was the result..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Inspire... something very courageous, very bold, very exhilarating, and pass the energy along. be infectious. lower your voice and lean in to tell how awesome it is to move halfway across the country with no money, no job, no place to live. breathe in, breathe out, breathe into another. tell another woman how you left a suffocating job or relationship--so she knows she can do it. tell a young girl about the thrill of traveling around the world alone--so she knows she can try it. be as healthy, as vibrant, as beautiful, as authentic as you possibly can be, in a way that speaks silently to others. you can be this, too. smile at other women's dreams and their hopes, and reassure them that they'll survive whatever black hole they're currently navigating. at the beach, tell the young mother of four that you and your ex-husband can talk together, laugh together. don't just tell her that she can be there, too, show her. let her see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice and then breath it in --inspire.
--rachel snyder

i didn't have a strong village of women growing up. my grandmother jewel guided me as best and as long as she could. she left too soon...don't they always.
i paid attention to her silent strength. she never complained when life was hard, just dug her boots in deeper to remain standing. always staying true to herself. it has taken me almost a lifetime to remember that same beautiful grace and power runs through my own veins...i am getting it...i am feeling it...i am doing it, and will continue the legacy within my own namesakes and the women along my path.
part of our own responsibility as to teach other women how to be women and stand in their own power...right?
keep passing the baton

Thursday, April 24, 2008

If Ever A Time...

--for the Creators love and grace everyday, and the gentle pushes
--for some much needed time away w/o cellphones...we have become so dependent on them its really ridiculous
--for picking up where we left off, you still are one of the funniest guys i know...glad we are still friends, and thank God for brothers and myspace lol
--to second another blogger's words...jazz, wine & writing with fellow poets/friends...tis good tis good
--for fellow poets/friends sharing good positive personal news, thank you for allowing me to be a part of the celebration
--for the strength of women...nuff said
--for tay's grades heading in the right direction...yeah!
--for the love between me and my brother...none like it...i cut a mofo over him lol
--for family, laughter, pizza, goodwill shopping, and air hockey...haha i BEAT YOU!!
--for our situation being different, but always love and always family
--for a great ktown showdown with 4 slamchamps!!! seriously!!!
--for ihop filled to the brim with poets and the cutie pie cookie handling it all
--for great reggae music, tight circles, and tight eyes lol
--for doing some things solo and being okay with it
--for embracing the sad and negative feelings instead of ignoring them...they are all a part of me and they all need their acknowledgement
--for doing me...well

Monday, April 21, 2008


when you must, insist. insist that you be given the opportunity to speak. insist that everyone be given the same. insist that they listen. insist that every viewpoint be given credence--no matter who presents it. insist on the truth; insist that people be willing to dig for it. insist that the people around you be civil and respectful of all beings. insist that they stop already with the jokes that aren't funny and the compliments that compliment no one. insist on a square deal. insist that people look at you when they talk to you. insist on nothing less from yourself. when polite isn't quite enough and demanding seems over the top, simply, firmly, clearly insist.
--rachel snyder- 365 Words of Well-Being for Women

one must insist in order to be treated a certain kind of way, not just any kind of way. people will either respect it, or walk attention to the ones that walk away. not only are you setting the standard or setting the bar high for yourself, you are also insisting for others that may not have found their voice yet. insist on your voice being heard, even if its your silence that speaks volumes. insist on respect of self and of others.
my lil .02 cents

Friday, April 18, 2008


...ignore ignorant minds and ignorant actions. when half-truths or untruths are cast in your direction ignore them. when you receive letters filled with vituperative trash, tear them up and throw them into the fire. to repel unwanted and untoward advances, ignore them. ignore all kinds of verbal slings and arrows. turn away, turn around, and walk away. turn the other cheek. say "Good-bye" and then hang up the phone. pay no attention to the ravings of jealous fools. ignore unfounded slurs on your character and your reputation. give them no fuel, and they will eventually die out. to reject, ignore. to snuff, ignore. you suffer no ignominy when you choose to ignore.
--Rachel Snyder

Sorry, but this whole passage needed to be in bold!! some i wish i could double-bold if possible (lol)
nuff said!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Being in the Moment...

--for the wind rustling through the trees, reminding me of the Greatness & Grace
--for watching my ham of a son in his last 8th grade play...he is a natural
--for the love we have for one another unspoken...words are not always necessary
--for having some of the most dynamic and sexy 40yr old women in my life, and being part of the new club myself lol...we is hot!!
--for kisses on the tops of heads
--for the Velvet Room...heeeeeey!!
--for still a great domino partner...and thank you for pulling him back in...i c u
--for growing and strengthening ties
--for laughs until it hurts...much needed
--for some really great writing together...more about the family feel, than the writing...looking forward to the matter what
--for performing for a great receptive bunch of kids, the questions asked, and hearing their own words
--for not being vindictive...'cause oh baby it would be so easy...temporary pleasure doesn't help anything
--for thank God i have grown past the above
--for insane text messages that again gross me out or have me laughing
--for being a muse for a bit...miss the late night talks homie
--for new lacy pink bras
--for cloud dancing with you
--for insatiable appetites satisfied
--for being just a lil lighter these days
--for the growing maturity

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


...hush now. quit explaining, stop discussing. put an end to the talk, talk, talk, and hush. breathe out slowly and feel the silence. listen to everything, to nothing in particular. rest your throat and your mind with a strong dose of hushed silence. when you've said enough, hush. when you've said a little too much, definitely hush. when you hear yourself start to tear down another woman, hush. when everything that comes out of your mouth begins to sound ugly and negative, hush. if you feel like whining, consider whether you'd rather just hush. when you start dredging up empty words to fill the space, it might do well just to hush a moment. shhhhhh. hear the awesome power of saying nothing at all. hussssshhhhhh
--rachel snyder

this has worked so well for me this past year. i still have my moments, but believe me silence is golden. sometimes i catch myself in mid sentence with the negative talk, and i will immediately stop. forgive myself. remain quiet. then deal with myself later in the quiet moments. we have got to start being accountable, and we must start holding our sisters in higher esteem.
the tongue is a deadly weapon...use it wisely...use it with love...if not, then shut the hell up!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Writing Lab

Subject: Lost Lives
Words to include:
george grief
xylophone x-ray
youth yield
organic onmipotent
lungs longevity
sorrow socialist

there are no children here
just empty vessels of grief
carrying fading youthful memories
shell shocked lungs breathe the dirt of deceit
and never will be again
tomorrow is their forever sorrow
hidden within omnipotent blank stares
socialist tears have no place here
dried up and crushed under tank treads
and george issued combat boots
the air heavy with the dusty stench of what was
what could be
what should of been
taps the brains like missing xylophone keys
an odd thud
yielding no organic joy
their eyes watch through hollow slits
x-ray into their own future of non-longevity.

Howl... the dark of the night, howl at the moon. howl in sync with the coyotes who line the ridge at dawn. live your life like a wolf, and howl long and low, high and shrill, plaintive and wailing and ancient. howl with laughter, roaring. howl your grief. howl your loneliness. howl when you need help now. sound a warning call that echoes through the canyons. howl when the others are singing, when the others are weeping. shriek and scream and growl and cry out when there are no words that touch deeply enough or sound wild enough. howl a mournful, soulful, beautiful howl. you know how. howl.
--rachel snyder "365 Words of Well-Being For Women"

sometimes finding that inner wolf is vital to surviving, vital to get through the pain or whatever it is one is feeling.
to find that deep growling, is so primitive..and yes it speaks from the ancient. it is how we once expressed ourselves. it is how women got through childbirth. it is how we mourn. it is how we grow.
Running With The Wolves (can't remember the author right now) was once on my top books read...i would recommend it to any woman.
i dare ya to howl from way down deep in your gut, watch some stuff come loose inside ya.
find her, she is in all of us.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


...honor yourself for the fine woman you are. honor women in every stage of their lives, be they young maidens, mothers, elders. use the word. say i honor you for your courage when a woman takes an unpopular stand. say i honor you for your openness when a woman allows her emotions to flow freely. honor the woman who has had a child--and lost it. honor the woman who, by fate or by choice, will never have a child. honor the woman who fought off an attacker with her bare hands--or did anything, including nothing, to stay alive at the hands of another. honor the grandmothers who tell the stories, who remember the old ways, who have time for the young. honor the woman who has fought to stop war--and the woman who has fought when war called her name. honor the woman who cleans, who cooks, who serves, who governs, who grows, who defends, who protects. honor the woman in every man, if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her. honor every woman as you would have every woman honor you.
--Rachel Snyder

Is there honor amongst women anymore?
I pray it so...though i know i have been guilty in the past of not honoring others or myself. I know honoring other beautiful women in my life, also comes from honoring the beautiful woman inside my own self. Sort of like you can't love others, until you love yourself type thing...yeah.
we women are quick to judge, manipulate, degrade, and tear down one another in an instant. if i am, or ever was guilty of this (i know i have been)please forgive i have forgiven most (lol) that have done the same to me. imagine the love and the healing in just honoring one another....
i am still learning so much
Woman friend
Woman stranger
I honor you
I honor myself

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


...woman, heal thyself. once and for all, find your emotional scars and psychic wounds and set about healing them. heal by talking, painting, acting, dancing, singing, cooking. let your heart lead you. heal in solitude, in a group, in a circle, in a community, in an ashram. heal in the forest or on a mountaintop, in a clinic or in a church. heal with a therapist, a shaman, a counselor, a bodyworker, a priest, a priestess, a rabbi, a minister, a doctor, a medicine woman. let your heart guide you. heal while you're in your thirites, in your forties, in your sixties, in your eighties. it's never too early, never too late. start healing. do it in 12 steps or in 235 steps or in 1,200 steps. heal with herbs, heal with energy, heal with the power of prayer. heal others by healing yourself. heal your community by healing yourself. heal the planet by healing yourself.
--rachel snyder

i know i have so much stuff still to get through, things i am currently dealing with, things from my past that still haunt me, things i am not ready to deal with...but i know i must in order to be the woman i am suppose to true authentic self. i am getting there though, slowly but surely...that is what counts, right?
i have been told i have a healing spirit. sometimes i can just lay hands on someone and calm them...i am not bragging it is just that way. i come from a strong line of women who do the same and more. i find it funny, or interesting i should say, that someone who has this capability, is also a woman who is so wounded herself. perhaps i need to find a way for these hands to touch and heal my own heart.
i will always be a work in progress...not a bad thing at all!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


guard fiercely that which others want most to wrest from you. your inner wild places and the freedom to visit them often. the gateways to your very soul, the keys to your secret garden and all that you cultivate therein. guard against attacks of all sorts by those who cover your light and envy your brilliance. create shields visible and invisible, and infuse them with the power to deflect invasions of your body, mind, and spirit. guard the security of your home as if it were more valuable than the grandest place on Earth, for surely it is. establish your personal boundaries and guard them against interlopers who would barge in against your will. be the guardian of your own solitude and that of others, and peace shall always be yours.
--rachel snyder

this has become so important to me lately, and even moreso, transitioning into my 40's. i have a very loving and open heart, but not everyone has the best intentions for me...but i will never stop being the woman that i am, just a lil more guarded for my own damn peace of mind.