Tuesday, February 24, 2009

what lines, from your partner's piece, spoke to you the most?
Powder's lines"...we bravely injected chaos into our normally ordered lives
and with it
the prospect of all that is random
including love..."

trying to fit securely next to the one missing
or is it lost?
swept in dusty corners
collecting cobwebs
waiting to spin a new story to capture
entwined with sticky heartstring wrappings
save this juicy morsel for another empty day
when hunger pains echo in the chambers
reverberating the walls
knowing you have just eaten
yet remain unsatisfied
peirce the succulence
allow the fangs to bite down slowly
into each level of injected chaos
urgency to burn
and release itself in twisted veins of no return
to find its way back home
wipe your mud ladden boots on the course matt
lying outside this creaking door of pandora's box
wipe again
since all that gritty dirt likes to cling to the undertones
feel it though
misshape the order
make it unrecognizable
so not to see it creeping up on you
like the paper lions roaring from these pens.....

piece took a turn, not quite sure if fits properly..pieces, puzzled lol

Monday, February 23, 2009


grab a scrabble letter out of a bag. think of word that starts with that letter, and commit to it. write 25 lines with that word starting the sentence, you have 10 minutes. don't use the obvious use of the word. then pick 4 that speak to you the most, and use those 4 sentences in a piece. (20 minutes)

my letter: s
first word thought of: satisfaction

satisfaction moans lies across her lips as gentle as a midnight breeze
promising this time--difference--
newly repaired wings offer newly constructed paths
both still wet and fresh with anticipation
satisfaction tastes each morsel of thee
running its tongue
along the jagged edges of contentment
daring nervous giggles to laugh authentically
with head thrown back into past
arms stretched wide around now
for if one satisfies the child inside the woman
she will always remain faithful to the lion
which dwells in the cavernous jungle
needing freedom from caged birds with no 1/2 beat tunes
sing girl
satisfaction drips from atomic pens piercing holes through concrete writer's block
as night falls
and pillows call
ignoring the obvious
as amber-colored satisfaction crept over God's eyelids
no blinking this time

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

loaded roulette

he remains a loaded roulette
dancing with suicidal play
knows his role well with others
yet searches for forgotten lines
with her
zion woman in waiting
praying she does not lose her own salvation
trying to save apathy
welcomes the holywar
allowing his scriptures thrusted upon her
beckoning lips cry to be fed
while hands loop around full back arched
cavernous navels seeking echoes to capture
he keeps his secrets there
wrapped around cords rhythmically pulsating satisfaction
finds the point of entry with rim licking tongue
greedily drinking fertile nectar
life is here in this womb
not the kind one may think
but his seeds mingle with the God within
his place of rest since she first begat him in thought
he needs this heaven
yet gambles lustfully with familiar strangers
who desire not to hold his heart kindly
its better that way....
praying he will never throw snake eyes
or worse remain alone
at least in those few lingering chaotic moments
defending his honor
between sheets of divinity
he can burst through self-inflicted walls
slide his fingers in between cracking foundations
to bury the bloated feeling of death
his brittle wounds are invisible to the naked eye
but she sees him well
stuttering his eyelids like drifting butterflies
with no petals to rest upon
so she offers hers
jasmine infused vines
to wrap their healing sweetness around his cracking frame
binding his splitting atoms.....

working on this too...please feedback...does it flow well? make sense? blah blah blah

Monday, February 16, 2009

after the previous exercise was completed and read out loud, folks were paired up then had to read their piece again to one another...whatever line or word spoke to you, write it down...had 20ish minutes to write on those lines...and use in any way, shape, form, or emotion.
the words "bruised but strong. tattered but stronger. alive and healing," spoke to me from bfran's piece.

i carry the weight of me unevenly
heart shifting from degrees of seperation
from choice one day
legacy others
but most days i struggle with the duplicity of both
pulled in two different directions
minduful logic stares down at instinct
they too want to pull their share
insides twisted
memories pluck out my eyeballs
so not to be seen in dreamscapes
even in lullabies you can catch glimpses of me
playing hide-n-seek with open wrists
trying to release the poison of mother may i's
and dodgeball whoopings
grandmother's ealy morning redemption humming
often stitch these fautlines close
thick sav kisses greased and soften the pain
i often pierce the keloid risings
to hear the vibration of her voice trapped inside
the last time i heard her whisper
"i have no more blood to give, these walls are getting thin
and your depression is not foundation
since you cannot put in a change of address card
criss-cross the sinuous you
to build stronger branches to hold yourself up
stand on your own shoulders
to see out of the peep hole of self discovery
nurture the seedlings which you thought forsaken
allow the offshoots to grow wildly without and within you
wrapping themselves around the weak spots
and filling in the gaps
its not about falling apart,
but what you do with the pieces you still have left.


one word written in the middle of a poster board, 4 words extend from main word, then more words built off each word added...there are infinite possibilities....then write a poem just looking at the words on the board...again the possibilities are infinite.
word in the middle was 'contemplative'

contemplative journey
carries great distance across broken bridges burning
but through fire
comes renewal and a rebirth
bruised ashes become the words pouring from the ends of fractured quills
revealing chalk outlines of a poet
built within patchworked scars of the hand that rocks the pen
seeing multiplicities of personalities
within turmoil of relfections from vivid white sheets of chaotic whispering paper
God stares back from reference points of truth
screaming from the margins
where the heart bleeds from lead poison
etching lines to feel the burn
to bare witness to silence

Friday, February 13, 2009

For The Love of Just Simply Being Grateful....

--for my son, for my son, for my son
--for all the prayers and well wishes from family and friends..i am humbled
--for the Creator & She watching over us all
--for God being kind
--for speaking my mind to him, but out of love...its all about choices
--for wanting him to look forward, not backward...i know its scary, but it will be worth it in the long run
--for an amazing neo soul night...its been incredible lately...though i don't need a crowd to love my neo
--for truth on the mic
--for you just showing up out the blue, the kiss on the neck...tink missed you
--for loving this skin i am in
--for the lightness in my feet, but still grounded
--for not sweating the small stuff...such a waste of energy
--for my best friend who gets me like no other...i know others don't get us...but who cares...we do
--for him stepping out on faith, may have not gone like you wanted it to...but you DID IT!!
--for knowing sometimes life doesn't pan out the way we would like...these are the times we hold on tight to one another...sisterhood...and family
--for the incredible women i know, have known, and have yet to meet
--for this heart of mine...it is vast and deep, and so forgiving..it is me
--for new words flowing from many pens
--for family...all sorts and flavors...blood and non...prick me and i will bleed for you

Monday, February 09, 2009


see me
through thin skin of translucent truths
i am not perfect
so i stitch the corners of my mouth just a lil' tighter
to keep the skeletons at bay
for they
they want to dance
want to dance on my tongue
scrap their skin along the backs of my chipped teeth
on the way out of my lips
dribble down my chin
then across my neck
to remind me
at any moment
they can kill me
sit upon drooping shoulders momentarily
chipping away at the heaviness
pierce deep into forgiving bleeding heart
where tattered ribbons dangle
with names written backwards
so you will always see you where you belong
whether coming or going
nestle themselves within an empty womb
for even skeletons need dance partners
and bigger floors to dance upon
come screaming through my lips
oozing across inner thighs of just needing to be loved
pooling at my feet....

working on it

Sunday, February 08, 2009

i will scream my prayers into the sky
until it pounds on heaven's door
until the devil himself weeps
for he too, cannot stand the pain

i will scream my prayers into the heavens
until they make Jesus' ears bleed
let His blood rain down
and cover my son


...and they did, and they do
thank you family

Friday, February 06, 2009

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff....

I am not quite sure how to deal with all of these emotions i am still having.

i could of lost my baby
i could of lost my baby
i could of lost my child
i could of lost my son
i could of lost my baby

the power of prayer is a mighty thing
the power of prayer is awesome

Kami you are so loved by so many ( i don't think he will ever know just how many folks all over were praying for him)...my deepest thank you's...He heard all of you it seems

I am so blessed to have you still

this has nothing to do with luck

he had to have a frontal cranialotimy for elevation and repair of a compound commuted, depressed frontal skull fracture...whew

i have forgiven the other teenager who did this...i still have my baby

his brain membrane was torn too, and also has some frontal lobe bruising, but he is all Kameron still...i know it could of been alot worse...God has been kind (smile)

i kept a brave face as long as i could when this first happened, but when the doctor came in and said we need to transport him via ambulance to Dell Children's Hospital to see the neurosurgeon, and if the two boys had been any closer..it would of been fatal....momma lost it

then i had to get it together again...for him...he was so scared...we all were

i know it all could of been so much worse...i know...i know...i know it could of been...but i will say it again...God has and continues to be kind.

i can't even fathom the possibility i almost lost my baby...my only son.

he is tired of me hovering over him, but i just can't help it.
i know he must go to school next week... i am scared though of letting him out of my sight.

i think he likes all the attention and loving...but you know, he is a teenage boy...tries to hide the fact he secretly loves it...i see it in his beautiful smile

oh his beautiful smile...none like it...thank you for allowing me to see it again.