Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Introducing Butterfly Muzigns

Tah Dah!! my new jewelry blog!! It is a good start in the right direction, i think. Please go look, and look often, as new designs will be posted frequently(subscribe)...the creating bug has hit me once again and hard...perhaps due to the time of year and its cold again in Texas lol. my favorite time of year in fact.
This is just one of my passions, and i am so blessed to be able...nothing after able, just blessed to be ABLE ya know.
The name you ask? lol....butterfly...i have always associated myself with this symbolic entity, ever changing, ever growing, freedom, metamorphosis, and grace...also a poetic name given to me when i first started reading on the mic @ Neosoul. I always feel butterflies are female, though i know better, but they just feel female.
Muzigns....originally musings....but like the play on word with muzigns, which is combination of musings and designs...muzigns, there ya go.
so go on...check it out....www.bmuzigns.blogspot.com