Saturday, March 31, 2007


i saw this picture and was immediately drawn to and into it.
quite painful isn't it?
what do you think happened just before?
what will happen?
what sins did this angel witness?
or what sins did this angel do?

Friday, March 30, 2007

Quite Tragic Isn't It...?

You are so beautiful
yet so ugly
how can the two co-exist
w/o at least one dying?
i forgive you (again)
i pray for you
much peace
much love

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is Good Is Good...

--for He and She and all the blessings and grace raining down on me everyday
--for growth
--for listening to my authentic self...its done
--for growth
--for sweet forgiveness, and meaning it
--for growth
--for Spit Fire Poetry
--for beautiful women and their african drums
--for curry chicken
--for dinner with my T under oak trees
--for hanging out with some fly azz girls, and just chillin'
--for missed moonwalks
--for seeing another side of you that was HEELARIOUS
--for not letting bitterness overtake me
--for prayers, even when you can't pray for yourself
--for full saturday nights and loving every minute
--for being delicious
--for some serious fighting on the mic tonight
--for words
--for growth...i get to remake myself everyday
--for his love

Monday, March 26, 2007


see you should be mine
because i hold the predescribed plans to your many fantasies
your appetite is not yet satisfied
well ...
you haven't tasted me
and i don't just mean sexually
that would be too easy
so ease me
and gently into your mind
with purpose
with satisfaction
with engaging conversations.
we can write love letters on restaurant napkins
then wipe our mouths to taste the sweetness of our words.
if you were mine...
there would be a need
for nothing
because by the time you know what you want
i would already have laid it at your feet
the place where i will be there anything else my majesty?
it would be like that, you know...
drawn bath water to ease your hard day into
hands massaging struggles away
writing lyrics across your shoulders in deep stanzas
tracing cleft notes across ear lobes
to beckon deep moans
yeah like that....
come lay your burdens down
right here
between these palms
and i will base stitch them into seams of yesterdays.
if you were mine...
i would remind you everyday of what it is to be
a man...
my man.
dance me gently across your thoughts
to caress every word
every picture
allow me to sit within your mind
and ponder just to hear you think
just to see your dreamscape
then pirouette down and whisper lullabies into your heart
if you were mine...
would you paint me into rainbows and shooting stars
as i paint you into warrior and king?
encircle my life with your love
and hold me like God holds a newborn's breath?
give life to my day
and dreams to my night?
would you?
i promise to be your soft place to fall
come be at peace within the folds of my wings
as i kiss the tip of your chakra
which one?
pick one
i will kiss them all
see, there is an empty space in my heart
not for what i lack
but where God carved out space for you to occupy
and when he sent you to earth
your heart was bigger than most
he had already given you the piece to mine
so yeah...
i've been holding your heart and soul in my life lines
for awhile now
can we hold hands and have destiny meet?
hi, my name is michelle desiree
what's yours?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


--for God and She who protects and blesses me infinite....much more than i deserve

--for love in his eyes

--for both of my daughter's beautiful smiles...and their hugs

--for my son's insane sense of humor...and his hugs

--for his peach cobbler

--for finding an old friend, we didn't get to see one another while in town...but glad i found you.

--for music that gets ya grooving

--for seeing PE with my hip hop head

--for just being girls

--for gentle rain showers and swings in the midnight

--for new pieces that heal the scars just a lil more

--for the strength and freedom of riding a horse

--for quality family time...and their smiles

--for sharing laughs with my father...he is so cute in his old age

--for my brother taking me to partner in crime

--for nice $$ surprises in the mail...another blessing

--for field greens and tomatoes

--for spring coming fast....the colors lately are brilliant

--for the grass reawakening after a long winter's nap

--for soft pillows on his chest

--for the way he gets me

--for the way she gets me

--for inspiration

--for renewed strength

--for letting go of you...long time coming...long time needed...breathe

--for praying for your healing

--for being acknowledged and validated thru honest words

--for long text messages...girl just call me lol

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ahhh The Weekend Was Fantastic!

Mr. Charles of Mojoe holding it down...despite the damn sound system!

Hanging Strong @ Auditorium Shores SXSW
Horseback riding with the family

XClan where is the Revolution?

Freaks Come Out @ Night...No comments on that please...LOL
Charles and I...eyes tight!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Momma's Baby

she is momma's baby
desperately needing to be daddy's lil girl
came into this world 18yrs ago kicking, screaming, and defiant
and she's been living life like this ever since
stands 5'5 like me
with deep chesnut colored native skin
kissed by the sun
with full cheeks
killer smile
and a silver slicing tongue to match
so beautiful she had to tattoo the word into her skin
as if she had to remind herself
she loves the freedom of the streets
and the streets love her
for she hustles them well
fights a fight she does not have to
but never been one to follow rules.
when she's near me
i can still catch glimpses of her sweetness
of momma's baby
the ones not yet swallowed
not yet stolen by paternal manipulation
or life's hard knocks
i hear it in her laugh
when she calls me "mommy"
and when she hugs the man she has called "daddy"
for the past 15yrs...
but i'm guilty of wondering if i did enough
for its obvious its not enough
she searches for her validity in his absent eyes
casted out of his family by her delicate stem
for she never had a chance to stretch her roots there
left her cold and bitter under his decaying branches
carving a broken heart and the words daddy's lil girl into his tree
i want steal her innocence back!
and for her to see how beautiful she really is
i'd snap my fingers if i could
cast spells into the heavens if i could
when she is sleeping next to me
i whisper into her dreams and tell her
i want to take your pain baby
reach deep inside the heart of your hell
plunge maternal hands in its sponge
soaking you in daily
rip it from its existance and squeeze the the dead out of it
so worth can come back into your dark eyes
where beauty's reflection has lost its way
let it seep into the ground where fathers lay
and where i should bury yours
for you hold much too tightly to a legacy not belonging to you
there is comfort in the pain though
i know
cradling you into nightmares
playing games in blood left on floors
too many pieces to play with
and not enough players
therefore demons play you often
and the company is appreciated
i know
let me have your pain
come enter inside these walls
crawl back into your conception
let's rearrange DNA
until my womb absorbs this madness
fertilized with guilt and sadness
let it grow
let it grow
let it grow
until soft insides split
and manifestations explode
and this heart releases
reaping what needs to be sown
ripping existance apart
so i may rain down on you
covering your lovely face
with transferred grace
freeing you from an internal prison
with bars engraved with his name
forged by his own hand
this is my wish
this is my prayer
for she will always be momma's baby
desperately just needing to be daddy's lil girl.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday Thankfulness...

--for God and She who handles it all with perfection

--for my lil corner coming together

--for babygirl and her "touchy subject" lol

--for being vunerable

--for being okay with it all

--for young minds

--for seeing you shine just a lil' more than the day before's conversation...your love for it will come back

--for good vegan food...need to return to that lifestyle

--for trusting you, so important with important for me

--for the pictures we took and the way you looked at me...sigh

--for fitting so perfectly against your chest

--for your eyes and what you speak to me, even if you can't verbally say it...its ok

--for some time with my oldest...and sharing some laughs...i pray daily for you baby

--for throwing down in the and my dad taking all the credit for my skills

--for music good i had to say it 3x's (thanks sunshine)

--for late night steroid wings and bottlecaps...and ooowee lol

--for discovering a new bead shop

--for meeting ms. Ruby, got her first tat at 75 of a closed wing butterfly...'cause she said SHE WASN'T DONE YET! so f***ing awesome!!

--for the souljahs past, present, and future throwing down @ Mitchie's...honored still to be a part of this group!

--for knowing a different path cometh i ready?

--for rain

--for the huge magnificent butterfly(moth) that payed me a visit last night

--for spiritual challenges

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This Is Why Life Makes Sense...This Is Why I Continue..

How could such 3 ohhhh soooooo different beautiful children come from one woman. Exactly what they are doing here...that is there personality lol...

lawd! look at my son...he keeps me laughing!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


--for grace and blessings from the Most High
--for being asked to share my words with the wonderful women of Metropolitan A.M.E. Church. i was such a blessing to be there, and the Spirit was definitly in that sanctuary. (thank you Lisa)
--for reconnecting and strengthening bonds of friendship
--for Gene's wings
--for serious words thru txts...its all we can do right now...but thank you for letting me be that soft place to fall for you still.
--for giving into the pressure of myspace lol, so check it out
--for memories-both good and teaching lessons
--for creating a lil sanctuary in my closet, just a place to write, to meditate, to contemplate
--for the smell of sage and all its cleansing power
--for sharing laughs with my younger brother....i love his smile
--for field greens
--for another poetic house party coming...for the continued healing...for a brother's love
--for new words causing just a lil' bit more madness in my life lol
--for slams and double winnings...yes!
--for high speed internet lol
--for the sweetness you whisper in my ear
--for my beautiful babies...they are absolutely amazing to me
--for the flowers peeking through

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's 10am, been up since 6am....people who know me KNOW I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!! believe me nothing would be better right now than to get back to bed and curl up w/ my why am i up?
Cause i am a DAMN POET...and this new piece is refusing to let me sleep peacefully or sleep at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn you
but i love you poetry
.....will post soon
i need some coffee

Friday, March 02, 2007

Okay I'm A Lil Late, But Always Grateful Just The Same

--for my new computer with high speed internet YEAS MA'AM (i still love you dinosaur, just want be using you very much)
--for new pieces off book
--for coming in second in wednesday's slam....felt good...and is sure don't mind losing to that BAD AZZ POET
--for new poets
--for new pillowtop queen beds...ahh can u say no more back or neck ache...and being a lil closer to him
--for big pillows to rest my head
--for loving my thickness
--for my hair being process free for 2 years now....and i love what was under there
--for getting 3 pairs of pants and 2 sexy shirts from lane bryant, after all the discounts and coupons......$11.86...WHAT!!
--for you needing me, and me being able to comply
--for pluckers, brownies, dip sticks, late night calls and laughing 'til it hurts
--for getting through some more baggage...always through writing
--for Angel's beautiful smile....infectious...glad u r feeling better...we need to go back to vegas!
--for all the beautiful women of neosoul...all so different, but very much the same
--for strength
--for prayer...nuff said