Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Its Alllll Good, Huh!

--for the Creator and She...simply amazing in this life of mine
--for a great weekend of poetry
--for a special poetic house party
--for being witness to first time slam teams in the making
--for the guys helping me out during my piece...whew! too much to drink lol
--for much needed road trips
--for good laughs and sweet smiles
--for new beautiful people entering my world, and me becoming a part of theirs
--for you wanting to protect me, eventhough not necessary...but love ya for it anyway
--for long spidery son arms wrapped around me...he is amazing...and i still can't believe he is mine
--for phone calls to ease my worries...but i still worry
--for the beauty of just being in the presence of nature and all its glory...and being still
--for seeing the family picking flowers on the hillside...the colors of everything were so nice
--for cat's and thier independence, but sometimes they do wanna snuggle
--for new venue's
--for being just fine in my own skin...feels real good
--for bacon wrapped shrimp...YUM! and no i didn't make baby did.
--for the way he treats me, and me allowing him to do so again
--for matter what you interpret it to be
--for love
--for family
--for life, all its bitterness and its sweetness....lessons in every morsel
--for the poetry that binds
--for continued forgiveness...and grace

Monday, April 23, 2007

This is how i felt about this weekend.....

-i got to see some fierce! young women writers/poets (love my boys too)take the stage saturday afternoon. one poet, Pravda, went against the grain...and i was so took a lot of guts. they all make me want to be better writers
-BFran had a MUCH NEEDED poetic house party saturday night...for so many reasons. the people, the words, the love, the laughs, the quiet moments, the love, the poetic-hood, the love, the family, the power, the tears, alllll of it! good food for the soul
-you returned just to experience your first house party, hope you enjoyed it and the shotguns too lol..and thanks for allowing him to return
-some of the fam had a road trip to killeen, not a long trip...but a much needed road was the fact we did time there will be more. the memories of past and laughters were like WOW! yeah...real nice
-we witness the birth of yet another Tx slam team...and MAN! was it a Fight! There were some great words, and some HUH??? words lol, but each poet brought it indeed. Shake....amazing...he is becoming one of my favorite tx poets!
-i came home to open arms and kisses...what more could one tired mom and woman want...not a damn thing!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Even On Fridays...I'm Grateful (lol)

--for the Creator and She...
--for loving me as i am, but always knowing i can do more...i can do better
--for a brief hiatus, but oh we are ready for the NEW!!
--for sweet love
--for my babies arms around my neck and the kisses that go with them
--for creativity
--for sidewinders and the view
--for you and you and us and laughs and laughs and goodtimes and SEEAARCH!!
--for Brown Sugar open mics
--for the sage cleansing...thank always know
--for you worrying about me and my feelings
--for you and i picking the same ring out, though we didn't know it at first
--for spring flowers
--for crazy texas weather...keeps you on your toes
--for working out again...ah the burn the burn
--for my cheerleaders...i love ya'll
--for getting past the ugliness
--for the perfect spoon position, and his warmth against my skin
--for my new passion, check out below
--for a giving spirit
--for hanging out with my girl
--for romantic dinners...not often, but right on time...
--for good is good

My Newest Passion...

I have taken over the dining room table lol...but its so much fun...
I am planning on doing this for more than just a hobby. I haven't set prices to anything yet, but if you see anything you like let me know. most pieces i can duplicate, others are one of a kind.
So check 'em out and let me know what ya think.
just cut and paste

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yep Another One...

--for Creator and She, and all of their amazing Grace
--for bday surprises still
--for dancing in the cold to some GREAT music
--for seeing old familiar faces, and the hugs that come with them
--for hanging tight with the kids, they are at an age where its totally cool to hang out together...and they think momma is cool
--for good body heat in the freezing cold
--for crazy Tx weather
--for the way you look at me...damn i'm lucky...damn i'm blessed
--for extra income coming in
--for my new endeavor...making jewelry
--for creativity
--for just being silly with my brother for no reason at all
--for kind words...they go a long way...and don't cost a thing...thank you
--for forgiveness...given...and asked for
--for new beginnings every day
--for new venues, its been tough waiting, but everything for a reason
--for growth
--for love...lossed and gained...its all good

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Beautiful Son's Creativity...

yeah i could kill him sometimes lol, but this was truly creative...the poem/rap written in the bday card he gave me:

You're always gonna be COOL.
Your pen is your TOOL.
You'll always stay with FAMILY.
And you pose AWESOMELY.
You always have something pretty hanging form your EAR.
You're always going to be pretty, but you're still turning 40 next YEAR!

i like how he capitalize the rhyming words lol.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So Much To Be Grateful For...

--for God and She who blesses me everyday
--for 39th birthdays and all the beautiful surprises
--for professional full body massages, over an hour...she realigned some stuff!
--for manicures and my first pedicure, one man on my hands and another on my feet! what else could a girl ask for lol!
--for a private showing of fine ITALIAN shoes @ an appt. only shoe gallery...and being able to take home 3 pairs valued over $600...not having to pay a i didn't steal them baby got the serious HOOKUP!
--for grinning so much i thought my face would break
--for his grinning so much thought his face would break
--for the cards that kept me laughing
--for a surprise dinner at one of my fav restaurants, with all my family
--for my wonderful family and all our differences...its what makes us so special in the first place
--for the poem my son wrote me...will post later
--for singing messages left on my phone...i love ya
--for peace of mind
--for my new guitar...yes guitar...always wanted to learn to play
--for yummy smell goods
--for maple ice cream
--for my new ipod!!!!! yes
--for sweet love
--for opening myself up to be loved by him
--for knowing i will do the right thing
--for validation
--for good
--for being the shoulder you need
--for feeling so special when i needed it the most
--for wearing the scarlet letter so well lol
--for great youth poetry
--for a new venue...everything for a reason
--for the moths and butterflies that keep visiting me
--for sitting back and seeing the smiles on faces of the ones who matter most

Monday, April 02, 2007