Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Lil' Early, But Never Late...Always On Time...

--for God in all forms and understanding
--for deep thoughtful conversations with my brother
--for sibling love
--for safe returns
--for you now being just up the street, round the corner from mamma and 'em
--for new beginnings and vast paths of possibilities
--for he, who just can't help but to like her, even when it may be painful
--for one of the baddest azz roles of God i have ever seen...you are amazing, hope you KNOW that
--for not knowing what tomorrow brings, but enjoying the good mornings everyday
--for prayer and understanding
--for memories made in such lil' time
--for you showing me to me a lil more each day
--for exhales
--for working on the "ups" more hopefully...wink
--for honesty and communication....both can make or break any relationship, depending on how you use it
--for our own language, our own way of doing things, in our time...lol i know not all may understand...but its ok...believe me...its ok...we got this
--for my beautiful babies, though growing up so fast, they still let me hold them and kiss em, and love all over them
--for the ink that writes me
--for the woman who loves me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yep I Would...

...afterwards i would brush my teeth though LOL

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Love Is Necessary...

--for the Most High, and the ones that are sent low amongst us
--for love in all its forms
--for this love we have...so powerful
--for my Zeus always protecting me
--for the stone with the words "safe" written on it that you gave me...yes i am...yes you are
--for tay hanging with the big girls...dang my children are amazing
--for trackers that reveal the bitter truth
--for the madness finally being over...hopefully
--for new beginnings...again
--for one incredible holiday weekend with my extended family
--for what she sees in me...and i let her
--for seeing the new smile on your face my friend...crazy times, but good times
--for the future
--for making sure the ones i care about know it
--for hard talks with him again...damn i will always love him, just want him to be as happy as i am...i know its hard for us all
--for finally getting it right
--for spur of the moment surprises pulled off perfectly...hahaha
--for her extra touch with the pasta
--for new folks in my life i can now call my friends, because they are hers too
--for one special lady working on my business website...need all the gentle pushes i can get...so excited
--for having to speak my mind..sometimes it just has to be said without filters
--for out of the blue phone calls, wanting to hear my voice...thank u sir
--for one more treetop hideaway rendevous...i will miss you
--for the older lady on the bus, who didn't want me to get off so soon...how sweet
--for memories...lot of emotions there
--for her family becoming my family, and hanging out with them poolside
--for the memories my babies are having this summer...glad they are enjoying it..so many more to come...did i say already how great my kids are...oh, well they are
--for the simple things in life, that make it so sweet

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Rantings...hadn't done this in awhile...uh oh

ash...if i can see her, don't you think i see you two too...wow...really? find what ya looking for? you work just where you should be!!

why do folks peek, but don't leave a comment...i mean what's the point? doesn't bother me every once in awhile..but all the time, but nothing said..sorta creepy

why are folks so interested in my life, what i am doing?...who i am doing it with? maybe because i'm pretty real and honest with mine, i don't have anything to hide, and yeah i pretty much lay it out there lol...but really my life isn't much different...i am pretty happy with it...just a few glitches with the *!tches LOL...i crack myself up

why lie? over and over again..ok i am not perfect with this either, but come on...bold face is too much...if it smell like a duck, quack like a duck...ya'll know the rest

why does my son have so many good looking guy friends coming to the house to play video games...but i really think they are here for my daughters lol

why do the friends stay way past their own dinner time when we are cooking...lol...guess i can't complain too much...they like it

why are the damn hot bugs out even past midnight, yelling at one another about how damn hot it is!!

i think it rained today, but it dried up before it left the clouds...the devil even knocked on my door for some ice lol...don't know why he picked my house but yeah

poor Obama, do you see all the grey that has set in? and not even a year has gone by yet....did look good throwing out the first ball though in the All-Star game...was that a bullet-proof vest under that jacket?

wow...its 2009, and black children are still being turned away from swimming pools...i am not surprised really...are you?

7 people were in on killing a loving couple of 16 children...for a stinking safe...my God, what kind of world is this? what do the babies do now?

why did my dad walk out his room with a box of cereal? ate two bowls...loudly i might add...then put the box back in his room...is my dad hoarding cereal in his room? seriously?

ohh i forgot how much fun these were...until next time...peace out

Monday, July 13, 2009

Enough IS Enough...Again

my blog family...you know i don't operate like this..well for the most part lol..but i am putting this fool on notice...and just in case she tries to harm me or B physically...well...ya'll know its been of record....she is nuts

IP address:

Marathon Exploration


Keisha Warren (yes we have the same last name..ironic)

what else you need to know that you are officially on notice?...no longer anonymous are you?

I am tired of the games lil' girl...grow the hell up please...accept the fact she doesn't want you...never did...you were JUST a good time in the meantime...there were never any promises of getting together, or you would become her girl. even when you came to her job, she looked you right in your eyes and told you...i know you were under the delusion she would be with you after her breakup...but again, it was a good time, that's it..accept it...no promises were made
accept the fact she is with me now, and will be...always.
i know its hard, she is a helluva woman with so much to offer, a beautiful peaceful soul...i would be upset too, if she passed me by...but she hasn't has she?
i think you could of handled this in a better way my dear, if fact, you could of stayed friends, and we could of been friends too...even invite you and your own girlfriend over for dinner...sorry your own gf hasn't paid much attention to you or served you right sexually...been almost a year before my baby right?...i mean anybody in that kind of drought would fall in love immediately with her kind of skills, so i understand.
you are being quite hurtful in your "anonymous" comments (seriously do you think she would want a woman like that?)...but i know you are upset and perhaps a bit crazy...
please for YOUR sake, leave us alone...go find your own happiness and peace...and maybe get some therapy.

and to you: i am sorry i even thought it was you for a second...my apologies...i do hope one day we can talk and move forward.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

This. Now. Always.

cyclonic dreams pierce eyelids
with chaotic realities
Zeus tendencies calms the storms swirling
as healing kisses
stitch gaping wounds closed
sandcastle wishes hold strong past the tides
with pearl understanding
hidden in the jewels of her eyes,
in a sea of men...
there she stands
my island...
waiting for me to swim to her shores
for she knows there is safety in her number of one
knows in order to capture the butterfly
she must first allow its freedom
to sit still and long enough for i
to land softly on her shoulder
and i did
and i will
giving butterfly kisses
wrapping wings around her locked vines
drinking her sweet nectar
pollinating her heart
where flowers bloom in abundance....
how did i get so lucky
this lifetime?
she is my karma incarnate
good deeds paid forward
my amen at the end of every prayer
cheesy lines etched in the corners of my cheesy smile
just can't help it
checklists complete
yet still didn't see this one coming
God you knew i needed her
even before she was born
so you took your time getting her to me
knowing perfection was at hand
knowing the pain prepared me for understanding of self
of her
of love
i wouldn't change any of that....for this
simply rare
God you knew she needed me
even before she was born
so you took your time getting me to her
knowing i needed to be ready for her greatness
knowing she needed my kinda love
just as much as i needed hers
this kinda of love...
i knew it would be good
but never like this

thank u

so i only have one question,
"can we embarrass the universe with our love,
and cause even Venus to blush?"

she whispers, yes baby...
we already are

...a poem in progress...yet will never be finished (smile)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009



Thursday, July 02, 2009

Once Again...

--for the way the Universe wraps me with its blessings daily
--for my handsome son's 15th birthday...lil' sad about it, but i can't stop the growth...lol...size 13 shoe, towers over me...no stop the madness please!!
--for family dinners, with the old and the new
--for treetop love
--for restraint
--for the NYLO hotel...non like it...whole new experience for both of us in different ways
--for baseball game all inclusive fun
--for beach trips with and for "us"
--for the way we party...lawd you think there were more of us, a tiger, and a baby in the closet lol
--for everything new
--for the moment i felt it go to another level
--for the way she looks INTO me, and loves it ALL, even the not so pretty
--for bed talks with my kids...very important to keep communication open
--for friends who support whatever i do, even if it may be a bit tough
--for prayer
--for unlimited texts...didn't know what i was missing lol, but still oh so nice to hear the voice
--for the tough times and the growing times, very close meshed
--for pops and his new nationwide commercial
--for our own rules
--for living MY life
--for one deleted check mark to stop your stupidity..still an open invitation though
--for NeoSoul tonight...can't wait to see what they have done...so excited, plus i have missed the mic and the poets...missing home