Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Second Piece From Writing Lab...still rough/still fresh

We had to clear our minds for a moment, then think of someone...what they were wearing, smells, thoughts, what were they doing, saying etc. (sidenote: i didn't make it to the last lab due to the flu, but Ms beautiful Jo had written about me as her first thought, and blessed me with reading it again. I had no idea. All I could do was cry. her words were as if she was...me. thank you thank you. Its just nice to know when people "get" you.)
okay so i thought of someone:


patchouli scented bedsheets lay beneath our bodies
wrinkled and passion torn from its corners
and that was the first 5 minutes
he wore nothing but the skin he came into this world with
a distinct contrast against mine
he shivered
at the thought of what was to come-literally
so i whispered secrets of Griffin & Sabine across his chest to keep him warm
he reached up to grasp his rainbow
and i kissed shooting stars into his eyelids
as i rode his comet's tail
wishes granted a lifetime
i could taste forever in his lips
could feel the darkness as well
for he is so misunderstood among the masses
but found an understanding within the safety of my arms
his confusion and uncertainty i swallow gently
hoping my sweetness will dilute his weakness
for he is a warrior
a king
with no crown
no land to speak of
therefore i let him conquer my kingdom
and just for a moment
in the sanctity of this heaven
he is free to be himself
without judgement
without fear
to feel love
to matter
to just...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

B's Writing Lab...Fresh and Rough

Subject: It's Been A Long Time Since...
words given(can be used in any form):

its been a long time since i felt this way
able to smile again naturally
instead of out of necessity
...for my children not to question
...for my partner not to wonder
...for my friends not to doubt
...for my enemies not to elate
overwhelmed by knives left in my back
i cannot reach
before i would just take it out...lick it clean....hand it back
some ties that bind literally choked the words from my mouth
caused this open soul to close up shop
placed toothpaste mortar into the seams of an already crumbling foundation
brick by brick
i built my wall
pulled up my gate around this lavish castle
its safer here living with rose colored glasses on
playing in rose gardens with thorns
pricking skin sweetly
drawing blood slowly
bruise deeply
but he refused to let it continue
poked holed in my cocoon with my own pen
"you are bigger than this which hold you!
have you forgotten the feeling of words which once freed you?
have you forgotten your evolution?"
he threw the pen at me and said...
"Now go write your way BACK into your joy!"
...and i did
like i had forgotten what it meant to feel free
first crawling
then babysteps
then running...
as fast as i can
with all the effort in my existance
to throw this monkey off my back
i ran back to my self
took my hand
kissed my self
and smiled
and said "I AM HERE!"

i cannot tell you how much of a release this was. i didn't expect this to come out the way it did, but the spirit of poetry always has a mind of its own.
My Big Brotha B...thank you is not enough...i love you.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another Reason...

--for funny t-shirts that may offend, but oh well they are still funny
--for the sunshine warming my face
--for two new pieces slowly coming together
--for shopping with Taylor and just being girly
--for God making me a girl, for making me a woman...so much fun
--for the birds that wake me in the morning, and sing throughout the day
--for Sunshine making me laugh so hard, i thought i would cough up a lung...you are HEElarious
--for the cool nights sitting on the swing with you
--for you laughing at my high antics
--for belief in self
--for great friends, you don't need many...just real and true ones.
--for neosoul, and all the poets who grace the mic

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just Stuff

Hey Austin folks, Roger Bonair Agard is featuring at Ruta Maya this Thursday @ 6:30. His one man show is called Masquerade: Poems Of Calypso and Home. Check him out if ya can. So much going on this week and i gotta work. sux.

Wow. I have a serious shoe fetish.(shutup sarah lol) bought 2 new pairs and i swear i got a high off the whole process. trying them on. deciding which ones to buy. purchasing them. taking them home and trying them on again. the feel on my feet. which polish will i wear? damn sexy feeling.
I will buy a pair of shoes first then build an outfit from there, instead of the other way around.
When i watch tv or look at woman on the street, my eyes automatically go to the feet. not the hair. not the face. not the clothes, but the shoes. like last week paula abdul had some bad ass shoes on during American Idol.(brown high heels, laced up with ribbon) i laughed 'cause i'm looking under the table. its crazy i know.
So anybody else out there like this?
and men (women too) what is it about a shoe that turns you on? does it even matter to you?

raise your hand if you wanna scream if ya hear one more breaking news report on anna nicole smith? it is a tragedy indeed. i believe she died of a broken heart. all those damn vultures fighting over the baby, that they don't really give a damn about...but they sho want the money right!!

hmmm, the gov't is saying they have NO INTENTION of attacking Iran...funny..i remember that exact same BS being said about Iraq. we are in our last days...got to get it right!

when we pour our libation into the earth, will our ancestors gag and choke on the hypocracy? we are no longer honoring them, but mocking them.

life and love...all about the perception, right homie?
sure feels good

Friday, February 16, 2007

Gratitude So Sweet Indeed!

--for finally feeling just a lil bit better. i haven't been this sick in a long while.
--for my babies doing better too!
--for the way he takes care of me
--for snuggles with my kids while watching tv
--for love
--for you wanting me the way that you do...what can i say
--for your Valentine text message...thank you, it meant a lot
--for yummy buffalo shrimp...damn i'm a good cook
--for June and Herman thinking of me...meant a lot too
--for the feature in Tribeza Magazine...like hot damn and wow!
--for great photo shoots
--for knowing we are in this for the long haul, and it feels nice again
--for getting past my self...still working on me
--for true poetry
--for listening to His whispers again
--for sharing my words with some fantastic women, thank you Lisa
--for the last year of my 30's fast approaching, and looking forward to all the possibilities.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


if everyone has a season
than you must be my lifetime
etched into continuums
folded into always
numbered into infinity

let me feel forever
in the safety of your arms
while you find ecstasy
in the bend of my neck
whispering poetry to life

let our rhythms become tantric
as my temple pays homage to your kingdom
praying in my holy ground
causing God to write new scriptures
and angels to weep at our feet

there is no definition nor label to explain
it has always been this way
and it seems it will always be
complex in nature
simple in touch

so touch me
in that place
which beckons sweet satin waters
craving your fingertips
craving your.....

let tongues dance on the outer rims of lips
as we stare into eyes of one another
you taught me this gift
and there would be no other way
a kiss in its purest form

let our lashes hold hands
and our pupils dive into one another
like skipped pebbles across still waters
i am the light in your dark eyes
and you are the deepness in mine

i want to cradle your seed in my womb
feel lines of poetry stretch across my belly
as truth grows within
while you sing lullabies of unconditional
to your freedom

time will past
the seasons will change
but our lives will not be in vain
for you my love, are my lifetime
and i am your forever