Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yeah Its About That Time...

--for He & She, always making sure i am taken care of, even when i don't see it
--for...again, i cannot say it enough...the beautifully different women in my life..teaching, guiding, loving...reciprocated
--for one helluva my back, as i have theirs...gentle pushes, knocks ova the head...but always with love
--for one helluva issues, house air conditioner went out for 2 days, realized 2 very sentimental rings of mine just disappeared, and the list goes on...but you know what? i know how blessed i still am, and how all of this has been quite amusing
--for you not wanting me to stress...there will never be enough words to tell you how much you mean to me
--for one helluva coach, sister, friend....nuff said
--for you needing your space...and granted...see you on the other side
--for 10 pounds gone!!! haha and counting
--for an unbelievable upcoming week of hanging, loving, moments, slamming, poetry, friends, laughing, crying, acting a fool, camaraderie, cyphering...and the list goes on and on
--for knowing i need to step it up...i am the f'ing poet!!
--for my beautiful children
--for myself

Sunday, July 27, 2008


...stop rushing. just stop. sip the last drops of your tea instead of gulping them. finish your conversation before running to the next item on your calendar. pause and watch the woman who sings opera on the street, the woman who stir-fries the Chinese food, the young girl playing the violin as though she was born with it in her hand. look at the sky for just a bit longer before you get into your car. pick a leaf of mint or sage; before continuing on, rub it between your fingers and smell how delicious it smells. look into someone's eyes just a bit longer than you thought you could. linger over coffee, linger at the newsstand, linger over lunch. linger longer in bed, in the park, on the river. of course, linger longer at love.
--from 365 Words of Well-Being for Women by Rachel Snyder

its all about enjoying the moment, taking it all in...and thanking the Universe for allowing the really is just that simple.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Time Is flying it seems...Gratitude Is a Time To Slow Down

--for my cleansing release last night, totally unexpected...but sometimes prayers under the stars and an open heart will do this...thank you
--for "at this moment" precious
--for the girly tshirt from you sis
--for knowing everything is going to be alright
--for family...blood or otherwise
--for my brother and i talking it him dearly...he always has my back, and i his
--for allll the beautiful women in my life, and the ones coming into it...i am so blessed...each so different...each such the same
--for missing my babies and the tall one was too quiet
--for literati...thank you cousin...thank you king....haahahahaha (evil laugh)
--for it slowly getting back to what we were...i like it
--for less than 2 weeks to the biggest poetic family reunion and rocking the stage once again with my teammies...yeah baby
--for the slow melting pleasure of dark chocolate
--for the human touch
--for being pulled in a direction He must think i am ready for
--for reconnections
--for patient matter how stubborn you are
--for healing just a centimeter more
--for this so undeserving...but you thought enough of me to allow me to exist...order my steps in the way i need to go

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another reason to be Grateful...

--for the Creator & She...thank you for allowing me to breathe another day
--for life...its too precious
--for the women in my life, and the bonds that are strengthening
--for knowing Shazza The Great...and her Beautifully strong mother does not have a child that wondrous, without a mother's guidance
--for the poets who have come together, trying to mend the wounds
--for the poets who rocked the sanctuary walls
--for peace of mind
--for speaking my mind for peace of mind
--for our team working hard at crunch time
--for allowing myself to become vulnerable...even for a moment
--for hellacious poetry house parties...none like em
--for the gathering in the back around the table
--for the youth...damn for the youth and their words...i mean wow
--for the way you look at me
--for the right music for every occasion...for every tear..for every laugh...for every smile
--for missing you
--for cleansing tears
--for stepping away...hurts like hell though
--for his giddiness...we all want this kind of happiness...and love
--for making it official soon
--for new friends
--for forgiveness
--for my children...for my children
--for the bond between i and the young souljah
--for laughs until the tears come...always a good thing
--for chill moments just listening to the wind in the trees...they speak you know

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Just Breathe....

today we come together as one...honoring our fallen warrior...we will shake the walls of the sanctuary...cause the angels to tremble...You better take good care of her...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

her journey continues...just not here

always the slight mona lisa smile
she knew the secrets we wanted to know
kept them in the upcurve of that grin
kept them behind the fire gracing her eyes
besides the words birthed from her mouth
it is her eyes and that smile i will remember the most
20 some odd years the earth was happy
for her feet walked fully upon it
seems heaven was jealous
and wanted her back
i don't fully understand
yes i am angry
mothers are not suppose to bury their own
not suppose to bury their only
forgive me for questioning You
but what right do you have...?!
i know we are selfish
but you must understand who shannon is...
for i will never say who she was...
go head queen
continue on your path
teach the angels why they must fly
kiss the sudanese children goodnight
mend the fences that were breaking
show us what it means to live
write on the hem of His garment
close the holes in His palms
make Him blush with the words "Fuck Me Human"
go head warrior
do your thing
we will be watching the skys
knowing every shooting star
is really you throwing your spear
thank you for allowing me to know you
but dammit