Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Last Grateful Wednesday of 2006

--for sunshine making it safely thru the bad weather, and to her family
--for hot n spicey drinks, fireplaces, good munchies, good people, stimulating conversations, and GREAT poetry jam sessions
--for ms. j's beautiful voice
--for hearing him smile again thru the phone
--for our poetry still feeling sacred...and we treat it as such
--for not stressing this christmas
--for the smiles on my children's faces and their snuggly hugs
--for sitting under the stars with my lil brother(not so lil), and just laughing and talking...he is adorable and cool as hell...wouldn't trade him for the world
--for facing some of my fears, and not running
--for facing some of my fears and running...acknowledgement is enough right now
--for making choices that are nurturing to my spirit
--for the endless possibilities coming in the new year
--for wanting to be better, instead of just safe

Sunday, December 24, 2006

broken wishbones
cracked promises
soft lies
easy swallowed
open heart
closed eyes
tunnel vision
blurred choices
stinging wounds
cancerous friends
benign love
black undersides
untouched memories
not ready
need time
need wings
new beginnings
yesterday returns
wishful thinking
hinders flight
darkened mentality
screams redemption
forgiveness vital
forgetting unintentional
tainted tongue
shadowed eyes
indian giver
trust taker
knees bent
desperate heart
humble prayer
peaceful sleep

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Even in Storms There Are Blessings...

-for the fact you still love me
-for the fact i still love you
-for being able to spend lots of quality time with the kids
-for seeing them grow so beautifully...i got it right this time
-for hanging out and just being giggly girls
-for laughing so hard my stomach hurt
-for wings and brownies
-for the music of D'Angelo...lawd lawd
-for embracing the pain
-for the words that flow into my healing
-for your smile
-for taylor styling my hair, bringing memories of my own childhood doing mommy's hair
-for him wanting you...the power of it all lol
-for feeling a change coming...i'm scared...but willing
-for knowing it will be okay eventually
-for hot apple cider

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fuck You for Saying Snap Out Of It!!

it seems the dark days are returning, yet i don't know why at this time it has chosen to seep back in. like i said before, i believe it never really leaves us...we just learn to manage it better. or disguise it as something else. most days are better than others...but i feel it, and i am trying to push it back.
forgive me, because it is also showing up in the(my) writing...perhaps that is a good damn thang. so bare with me while i bare with myself..

he watches
as he always has
with soulless eyes
for her to give him hers
or at least another piece
for he has collected her
only in small doses
which he hides in a crystal box
made of salted tears
opens it daily
masterbating to her pain

acquired a taste for her
starting at an early age
dipped ragged nails into innocence
tasting the sweetness of youth
enjoyed the music of her cries
became the invisible playmate
for often she was left alone

he took her voice
placed it in the fragile box
knowing it would be her strength
but he could not allow her to be heard
soft spoken--if she even speaks at all

she learned early to exist in pain
for this was not living
found false hope in a child
never to leave her womb whole
sucked into brown sludge
as tiny fingers desperately
held onto the cord binding them
as they both were torn to pieces

he kept her close
to feed his hunger
and her drunken steps
kept him satisfied...........
(of course not finished, perhaps its best)

because the darkness never really leaves...does it...?

i want to take your pain
reach deep inside the heart of your hell
plunge both hands in its sponge
that soaks you in daily
rip it from its existance and squeeze the dead out of it
so life can come back into dark eyes
(where reflections no longer exist)
let it seep into the ground where fathers lay
and where i should bury hers
for you hold much too tightly to a legacy
not belonging to you
there is comfort in the pain though
cradling you into nightmares
playing games in the blood left on the floor
too many pieces to play with
not enough players
therefore demons play you often
and the company is appreciated

let me have the pain
enter inside these walls
until my womb absorbs this madness
fertilizing with my own sadness
together let it grow
let it grow
let it grow
until soft insides split
and this heart explodes
ripping my existance apart
so i may rain down on you
covering your beautiful face
with transfered grace
freeing you from an internal prison
with keys, windows, and doors
found only within eyes
of agape......

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'Tis The Season

-for Neo being HOT last week, thanks to the ladies (big smile)...oh and Marcel did the thang fo sho!
-for hanging with you, as if no gliches ever happened
-for good drinks, good laughs, and good dancing
-for reconnecting with family members at my cousin's homegoing service...why is that?
-for feeling your spirit surround me, as i remembered laying in your lap during church service while sucking on peppermints
-for missing you still so much it hurts, but letting the feeling come
-for old boyfriends wanting to see like he was my boyfriend at age 7 or 8 lol
-for celebrating all my girl's hard work...yeah for graduating...yeah for parties
-for my son and how he loves me...something about that mother/son bond
-for the words not stopping
-for a good game of Upwords, good drinks, and good laughs with you 3...and a half (lil ms princess)
-for the beauty in your precious lil smile
-for the magic cup
-for strong beautiful women, even in pain and disappointment...beautiful
-for being witness to the love Eb & Flo have for one another....makes me still believe
-for seeing the progress i am making with Me
-for still loving you, eventhough i don't like you...and its OK
-for those goofy text messages that just make your day...thank you

Monday, December 11, 2006

Please Tell Me How This Makes Sense...

a local elementary school in the area, actually off of 620, is going to relocate their students due to overcrowding. no big deal usually, but this is the part(s) that bother me:
-this will be the 3rd time in 3 years these students have been moved. 3 DIFFERENT schools in 3 years.
-the fact they are elementary children who throughout these formative years, should be able to cultivate bonds with friends, lasting throughout most of their schooling ( i know is was moved around alot too...but still)
-the fact it has been 3 years, and just now something is being done about it. i mean don't they have planning commitees for this type of projection? part of the reason we pay taxes and vote on bonds right?
-oh and two of my favorite reasons why this crap is really bothering me.....
#1, guess what? the huge majority of these kids are MINORITIES...hmmm not really surprising is it?!
#2, and this is the end all to end adding/building more space to the existing school is out of the question (but prisons are being expanded on a daily basis)
and 3 yrs ago no one thought of "hey, let's build a new school so our students can thrive and have a condusive learning environment." (but new prisons are being built as i type this)
noooooo see all of the above would be too much like right (as friend of mine says). so where are they going to place these lovely young children, you ask?
shaking head even now in disgust: how about in an abandoned CHEMICAL TESTING PLANT!!!!!!!
But the building is so much closer to where they live, the administrator's say.
really? as if that is suppose to make it ok?
i mean really, seriously are you serious? who knows what these children will be exposed too w/in those walls or what will they come into contact with while playing in the dirt at the playground!!
No, i don't know what chemicals had been tested at this site, but does it really matter?!
I'd be curious to see the statistics of ailments and health issues these students have in the future.
this is not the first time, of course not, minority children have had less than adequate learning conditions all over this fine nation, Where No Child Shall Be Left Behind and It Takes A Village, right? riiiiiight! I know of another campus (here in atx) where radio active waste had been found in the playground, and after a brief dig it was discovered it had been built on top of a dumping ground. nothing really done, fresh dirt added and the playground was shortened. lol...yep
why why why why is this okay?

Conversations with Self and Me...So Much Work Left To Do...But I'm Doing It

we need to talk
your heart
my heart?
yes your heart
what about it?
i'm tired of holding it together...
Her intentions are not of a soft shell
but she likes the way time has worn her edges
soft and smooth,
as she runs a finger across life
feeling rounded curves at each turn
occasionally jagged peaks protrude
not yet eroded by healing tears
instead filling the valleys
deepening on each side-
either she drowns daily
or floats,
searching for an olive branch in the debris left behind
not realizing the debris will stick to her edges
strengthen her walls
she will be able to carve a door to walk through
or open a window to breathe-
even in darkness
stained glass is beautiful.
but it is so hard to see beauty
in cracked reflections
only ugliness and distortion make sense
altered reality plays tricks with truth
past life creates present lies
only to dine on self
because her world is starving
with only spoonfuls of emptiness to feed her.
binging on whatever scraps
are thrown her way
gorging on rancid sweet trash
until her womb is so heavy with self-hatred
she must ram her heart into her throat
to purge it all away.
acidic lies burn as they rush through her insides
past her silent tongue
only the sickening sound of a broken heart can be heard
as it slams into the vomit it helped create.
she picks up the pieces as always
trying to scrape away the cancer festering inside
diligently chipping away the hardening plaque
using what she just expelled from her throat
as a binding glue
not realizing though the pieces fit,
never quite the same really,
she will continue to decay from the inside
leaving only a soft shell
that no one can love
not even her self.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gratitude is an Attitude....

-for writing again...its flowing again and i love being at its mercy
-for getting the tree up this year nov. 30th...never has been that early
-for decorating with my family, very special moments
-for text messages to make you laugh when you most need it
-for real female friendships
-for night skys that just seem to glow lately
-for knowing just a bit of you
-for recognizing everything and everyone sometimes has a season, always a reason, not necessary to hold onto
-for playing Boggle with Kami
-for passion that still burns
-for my cousin Bobbi, she put up a good fight, but He took her home yesterday you can rest ma
-for you wanting to share your words with me, and wanting my opinion....meant a lot
-for family for family for family
-for snuggles
-for for my brother introducing me as his beautiful sister...awww
-for eating just a little to start somewhere
-for poetry and those who keep it sacred

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

working on this one...

i am not what i was
much more than i am
standing here with a voice that can make love to minds
creating mental foreplay and orgasmic rhythms
to tease and satisfy all that they crave...
unable to satisfy my own cravings
so i search deep inside
among the clutter and chaos
for a new voice to be heard

it is here,
upon my shoulder where my heart sits
absorbing blows fists have missed
teetering on the brink of exhaustion
catching wayward tears these eyes have banished
reminding my head to sit squarely
as the weight of my world bares down.

it is here,
in my hands that still grasp at rainbows
and silver linings
while battered fingers hold rusty needles
to patch fraying seams
within this thinning soul
and the pen beckons to be a catalyst.

it is here,
between my legs
where tips of fingers were licked clean of innocence.
buried children here...
once by my own shovel, twice by God's
with no eulogy to speak of.
pulled my tribe from here-my namesakes, beautiful and strong.
finally self worth closed the temple doors to jokers and thieves

it is here,
just behind shades of indigo
where visual wisdom senses what cannot be seen
cast insight into yesterday, today and possibilities

it is here,
behind bolted doors
with keys strung across rib cages
in dark basements of my mind
on stairs leading to nowhere
all swept under tattered rugs
trying to ignore which seeps through threads
of much walked upon

it is here,
deep inside where the child still dreams
still cries in the corner
who runs to the woman
who has often fell from grace
who is covered by wings
with prayers etched into each quill

my voice is here
whispering through the chaos
praying through the silence

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Because I Was Inspired

i make wishes of you upon comet's tails
with promises of fleeting reality
to feel the passion burn in my heart
tattooed within the ashes...

tonight moonbeams brought us closer
wrapped tight in it's magic
our tides synchronized
a fluidity of necessity never lost

i released my butterflies upon your lips
dancing down your throat
to keep company with your own
their is strength in numbers

held me so close
i could feel our wings fluttering in your chest
taking turns playing with heartbeats
an effect caused long ago, felt now

your eyes always looking past the obvious
searching for any residue left of you
instead, we found us
lost within one another

one hand playing in curls
as the other traces my neck
finding its way to supple breasts
mouth indulges on raspberry candy

pushing my pain threshold back further
satin sweetly calling your name
welcoming what is meant for me
feeling the wetness ebbing for you

it seems our bodies defy this plane
having trouble keeping grounded
sexual animation suspended within rhythm
celestial love seeded in rich earth

watered by orgasmic moans and screams
angels blush at their voyeuristic creation
kiss the red glow into my cheeks
soften your chest for my face

knowing they will never have what they created
to feel the warmth in my well
or the intoxication of your lips
they fly as close as they can to taste heaven

and they weep.