Friday, June 30, 2006

Ask and You Shall Receive....

So a fellow poet and blogger, has it seems, a foot fetish. Not a problem, as long as it does not get out of control. Just remembering recent news report of a woman unlocking her car door, only to feel something licking her feet...not a dog...but a man had been waiting under her car for that is toooooo extreme! I am extremely ticklish on my toes, so he would be missing most of his grill for sure.
Anyway, he posted on his blog a few questions to be answered by the ladies. I like pretty feet too, soooo here goes:
1)What is first priority when purchasing a shoe-looks or comfort?
well, of course, the LOOK
2)What is the most you would pay for a "dress stilletto"?
i have been known to sell unneeded organs for the perfect shoe
3)Which type of shoes do you own more of, "one hour wears" or "all day wears"?

one hour wears
4)What is more important when purchasing a shoe, designer or look?

the look...Prada does not automatically mean cute!
5)Shoe preference-high heel, wedge heel, short heel, or flats?

Higher the better
6)What is most important piece of your wardrobe-shoes, hat, or handbag?

I got a thing for purses too, but i believe the shoes will outdo them all
7)Do you associate cost of shoe with quality?

not at all
8)Is your dress style defined by shoes or clothes?

mainly my clothes, but sometimes i will buy the perfect shoe first then build the outfit around it.
If shoes, how do youre shoes enhance your "look", attitude, or personality?
shoes can make u or break u at times. what is one of the first things we as women do...scan down to the shoes! Sexy cute shoes will enhance an attitude!
9)If you only had $50, which would you choose to purchase-dinner or a pedicure?

10)How frequent are your pedicures, per month?
i don't like pedicures from a salon, not the best for you...prefer my own. more so in the spring and summer months than fall and winter.
11)How often do you get foot massages?

never enough
12)Is having someone paint your toes sexy, why?

Also, would you pay to have it done, if so how much?

uh no, that enjoyment is only between two people who are feeling one another
13)How important is the beautification of your feet to your overall level of confidence?

pretty feet are important but i wouldn't equate it with overall confidence
14)Do you feel sexier when feet are made up?
of course, nothing sexy about crusty-ashy feet
15)Do you wear foot jewelry, ankle bracelets?

i wear a snake toe ring on one foot and silver double band on the other, the band i change out with others at times.
16)If you could purchase a perfume for your feet, what would be the scent?

a combination i already wear...pure seduction and vanilla

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Its All Good

Last night was fun to say the least.
all the hard work we have been doing is showing

That Funky Mike Whalen has lit a fire under our asses!

we had a new guy at the spot who slammed. I wanted to shake him and say, "baby lighten up , 'cause it ain't that serious!"
I figure if i ever get to that point...i won't be slamming any longer. geez

Dang that Knowtorious 13 is a bad Mutha...shut yo mouth...i was just going to say how proud i am of her and glad she is my team mate.
we are growing on ya i know...i see ya smiling.

you may not be feeling me, but i just had to give you a kiss on the cheek before i left...just wanted you to know.

Landed another voice-over gig, with an educational software company (yeah thank you Funky Mike).
I am pretty excited about this one, since i will be a couple of characters..and not just the late night radio voice.

so it seems mr bush will slowly start withdrawing troops from iraq. well of course he will...he needs them well rested to send over to Iran and the other lil country with the big mouth and big bomb.
for some reason i wouldn't pick on the lil man.....
does the machismo ever end?

ahhh my baby boy will be turning 12 this saturday.
he is growing into such a wonderful and sweet young man.
sometimes i just can't believe he is mine.
thankyou for making me want to be a better mom. i the only one who does this when our children's b'day's come around?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


...relenquishing obligations
left outside moments ago
caught between a wall
and your hard place
aggression and passion
dance the perfect tango
at times
swallowing whole
at times
sipping in pieces
pulling taboos in
past boundaries

wrists held captive
behind back in one hand
cradled breasts in the other
whispering insanities in my ear
bound by your straightjacket
i am not looking for a way out
as you seduce your way in

satin drops kiss inner thighs
foreshadowing the river cometh
fingertips taste first
slowly gliding this nectar
across ripe raspberries
tongue eagerly
follows same trail
fingertips want more
again slow strokes
across full pink lips
slightly parted
tasting me on my lips
transferred to your lips
leaves me on the brink of insanity
me over...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

you touch me
beyond my skin
the way he use to

feeling your way past the obvious
searching for the hidden
coaxing pieces of heart
left walked upon
to brush themselves off
and find their way home

licking my edges slowly
melting the hardness
revealing the soft shell
of an inner beauty
in need of possession

i can't breathe
for air has escaped me
only to become captured
within your lips
breathing life back into me
with the words...
"It's okay..."

reality's obligations fading away
like sunsets kissing ocean waters
losing yourself
within my eyes
finding myself
within your grasp
strong hands grabbing locks
pulling the memory of them away
pushing the moment of us faster

intensely exploring
softness of fullness
not use to
pulling away from
too much to handle
"we can't," i say
but words get lost
somewhere between
a bedroom door
and throaty moans be continued

Saturday, June 24, 2006

i am officially exhausted! only a few hours of bliss in the form of some much needed sleep than back to the writing/performance lab.

Team....all i can say is WOW!
I love you guys, and i don't care how sappy that sounds!

Dammit I miss my family
this is a summer of GREAT sacrifice, on oh so many levels.

He is going to slip thru your fingers if you don't stop

She is going to slip thru your fingers if you don't get it together

Time heals it all

My official new FAVORITE song....When Is the Last Time You Danced?
must be sung with 4 additional wonderful fantabulous people in unison, in a minivan-down a stretch of highway.

wake me in the morning.....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Was Tagged....but Forgive Me

I want to write on subject boo...
but lately i have done soooooooooooooooo much writing, i have to soak my fingers and my pen in ice at night just to cool them off.
did i mention i have done a lot of writing lately?
i'm tired. dang neosoul tonight......

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

darkness casts circles under eyes
stealing the golden green flecks from her iris
like an everlasting eclipse
she waits for the ebb of tides
to change her circumstances
her feet bleeding
from toes gripping
the cutting edge of eternity
soles blistered
from back and forth friction
of indecision
strong winds of change
whip around her body
contort her heart
in ways she never imagined...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Juneteenth my buddy Joe B. stated...why are we celebrating a day we found out about LATE? Like 2 years late? and some of us still haven't got word!!
Ms FEMA and Ms 13....thank you for the mini vacation.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Its 4 a.m. and I Cannot Sleep....repeated nightly

i stare forward
reading memorized lines of
optic nerve imagery
upside down
trying to live life
rightside up
why did it take so long
to find my voice?
because my fingers
were still trying to read
the raised bumps newly forming
along sagging breasts
that nourished babies
along thick thighs
and supple belly
fingers slowly reading
...self love

there are places i do not yet feel the words
places where knots of insecurities grow
i try sometimes to smooth these spots away
kneading the areas around it
sometimes another's touch
or memories
cause the knots to bind together
and i must pray to them
to untie me
i have lived most of my life in fear
i figure for the rest of my life
i will try something different

there's a child
who still cries in the corner
of my mind
does not like the sound of opened doors
but afraid of what's behind closed ones
i am still looking for her key

there's a woman
who looks thru the panes
of my eyes
hesitation colors stained glass windows
into an art of incomplete
i am still looking for her masterpiece

there's a warrior
who protects them both
holds me in one arm
fights the darkness with the other
shatters the artform to create a new mold
teaches and guides my hands to the areas
still knotted

why did it take so long
to find my voice?
we have always been here
we will always be here
its just now
you are learning to read the crayon scribbles
you are learning to read the brushstrokes
your pen is our salvation
your pen is our voice
so speak
speak child

Thursday, June 15, 2006

We Spray Twice A Week

location: Buffet Palace- lamar and 183
Tarik sits down with this look on his face that stops me in my tracks.
"Stop eating."
"Stop eating."
the look on his face...
i instantly became ill.
whatever it was, i knew it was about to be something to make me wish we had never stepped into this place.
uh, yeah i was right...
walking towards the front door, desperately trying to keep the food i had recently injested, 'cause my mind was like "go ahead just puke right here in front of everybody, they WILL understand"
i passed tarik speaking with the manager and pointing to something on the buffet.
nope i don't want to know...
he caught up with me outside, 'cause remember i needed the air or was going to puke.
"You are going to tell me something to make me sick aren't you?"
he had gone over to the sushi bar, and there and behold was a couple of roaches crawling around on the if they were part of the decorations.
bold asses!
didn't even run for cover when the manager came over
his response, "WE SPRAY TWICE A DAY"
uh, if you have to spray twice a have got a fucking problem!
not said to him outloud...should of been!
then t turns around and points to another area where a few others are hanging out, chopsticks in hand, in a DIFF-ER-ENT part of the buffet.
Manager profusely apologizes. told us we did not have to pay...uh as if we would have paid to eat roaches anyway?
might be a delicassey to some, and i often try new things....but this is where i cross the line!!
all together now...."YUCK"
Buffet Palace

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

These Poets Are Crazy...That Would B Me...Us

Many years ago, a friend offered to have you just disappear...i declined...dammit where is his # now?
your website profile says "proud father, and we are all fathers ...just doing our part."
and what part would that be?
oh yeah you did leave some sperm behind!!
i swear if i ever see you again....God have mercy on you...cause i sure the fuck won't!

I love soy milk! has to be really cold the kids love it too!
I have done pretty well without the meat thing. On the occassion i will have chicken, and of course fish...sorry can't give up the shrimp!!
I don't know what is different this time around, but a switch or something has definitely been turned on...or perhaps off.
i can't stand seeing bones sticking out of fleshy things i use to love to eat!
Mike is smiling right now

after a hard day's work, running up and down stairs, sweat beading down your cheeks...ones below...collecting under your nut sack...
i know u r tired, but is it toooooooo much to ask for u to wash your ass!
like do u wonder why we haven't....nevermind TMI!! LOL

I wish my dad would get a girlfriend.
OMG and if i see him wearing that straw hat and Hawaiian shirt one more time
....hmmmm perhaps this is the reason there is no girlfriend...

i see the bats flying around at night in my backyard..where the heck are they going in the daytime?
bats in my i'm stupid lots of the time
don't ya just love me..haha don't answer that!
until next time...

Monday, June 12, 2006

i stayed so still
in the secret place
the hiding place
my ma ma made
beneath the banana tree
beneath the stones
and berry vines
so still
the senuous vines began to grow
thru me
pushed under my skin
ran along my veins
sliced clear across my heart
pierced my ears
berries grew
in my eardrums
screams burst thru purple capsules
like machettes exploding thru
my brown skin melted
into the dark rich earth
or did the dark rich earth
break down my brown skin
i could feel the worms
crawling beneath me
i dare not move
so they burrowed deeper
into my eyes
tunneling into my vision
i inhaled the leaves surrounding me
for breathing would give me away
by Spring
i had grown new buds
new vines
stretched myself across the killing fields
to my village
stretched across what was no more
fragile tendrils gently touched scattered bones
my ma ma
my pa pa
my sister
i did not know which arm or leg went with which body
so i gathered them all into my vines
pulled them back to my hiding place
berries squeezed black tears
across their picked bones
i cradled them and rocked them
the hollowness created a beautiful lullabye
heard thru the winds
i grew thru the parts missing
became stronger
became whole again

Friday, June 09, 2006

Oh Yeah.....

how could i forget about D-madness, his crew, or those gifted children from "Keys Of Life" who played in the preshow before Anthony went on? They were so dang cute. Plus Anthony had been at thier facility earlier that day to play with them, now how many artists take the time to do that? It sounds like a really wonderful program for the kids to be involved in. I know i will try to get my own in. I heard the facilitator say, "and they say nothing good comes from the East side"....i beg to differ...i beg to differ.

Mike, ya'll remember Mike....our old bartender at Antonio's? He bartends at the Bennigan's we walked into last night. he saw me before i saw him and called my name. I told him, "we miss you." One of the best bartenders i know. shoot ya know he bad if he has your drink waiting on ya when you walk in the door. Plus the I Dream Of Genie's and Red Headed Step Child (is that right Kim) just ain't the same anymore.

Um, is it just my imagination...or does the pictures of Zarqawi look like he just went to sleep?
I mean, if a 500lb bomb dropped anywhere near you, would you look that good?
I'm just saying...
IF, and i say IF very lightly, he was pulled from that rubble shown all over the airwaves...well, you know where i am going with this. I am sure some new doctored photos will appear soon.
nothing like some great bullshit PR to direct our attention away from the fact the commander in chief is a total screw up!

And It Was A Blessed Night

Anthony Hamilton...what can i say. i really liked him before, but after last night's performance, or should is say takin' us to r!
he was amazing!
his energy, the band's energy, the backup singer's energy...especially ms. lady in the middle.
WHEW!!~and it was hot like a mofo...talking about that Texas heat!
the poetic family was in the house...ya know the icing on the cake.
some of us were able to steal a few moments of Anthony's time after the know that feeling ya get when you are in the presence of something bigger than yourself?
i don't mean his status as a singer and a performer, beyond the physicality of it all...i felt that being around him.
later T and i headed home, looking for a place to grub. ahh a area was only thing open....WHAT DA HELL! the loud crooning from the corner meant only one thing...IT WAS OMG KARiYOKE NIGHT!!
T and i just looked at one another, wanted to bolt for the door...
but we drug ourselves into a corner, hot, thirsty, and hungry...too tired to try to look for something else this late at night.
ya know, there is a significant difference between my cultures within so so so so happy this part of me is not
we just laughed at the whole situation, ate our food, talked about the concert as best we could over the cat screeching, then headed home.
took a cold shower and collapsed on the bed.
then the whole night dreamed i was a sex slave...okay try to figure that one out!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

3 Things

3 things i want to do very soon:
-make it to the semifinals, with my bad ass team, at Nationals
-create new surroundings
-release them

3 things i want to do sometime...eventually:
-travel to Africa
-find my place within
-fall in love

3 things i'm afaid of:
-there will never be enough time
-not falling in love again
-realizing that this is it

3 things i could not do without:
-my pen
-my children

3 things i have recently discovered:
-no matter what you do or say, sometimes its just not meant to be
-i am is
-i CAN live without meat

3 things i have given up:
-Meat, though it goes week by week
-worrying what others think of me
-denying myself of a good life...i am worthy of it all!!

3 movies i can't wait to see:
-remake of The Omen
-Slam Planet: the Movie...i think i am the only one who has NOT seen it! vampire movie in the works, author L.A. Banks...check her out

3 Languages i want to learn:
-relearn Spanish
-relearn French
-some African language

3 things i'd like to learn:
-to play the guitar
-to skydive
-to become authentic and succulent

Saturday's White Linen Soiree


Thursday, June 01, 2006

i die a lil more each morning
i turn and see your face
or the imprint where you layed
so i cover my face with wishing pillows
to conceal my heart in darkness

words unspoken stick in my throat
like barbwire sectioning land
no freedom
no free range
screams held back by tiny fingers
scratch the insides raw

i look back and see yesterdays so sweet
see 2 different versions of me
the one who once loved you
and the one who loves me more
still imprisoned by both

i stir my morning coffee
with spoonfuls of you and me
doesn't taste as sweet anymore...
perhaps its time for tea