Monday, March 01, 2010

Been A Minute...or two....but ALWAYS Grateful...

i hadn't realized just how long it had been since i posted anything...not good, yet everything has been good....i am blessed beyond measure.
--for each and every moment on this plane, this existence, at this time
--for the Creator being everything, and more
--for this beautiful positive life
--for this beautiful positive life WE are creating
--for loving folks no matter what, even if you cut me more than you got my this one has been a hard lesson, but i really do still care for 'em...i mean if you were on fire i would spit on ya :)
--for neosoul always growing, always changing...always home
--for falling in love...over and over...with her
--for falling in love...more and more...with me
--for my children...i mean they are just wow and amazing
--for the growth spurt my son has has lately...standing at 5'10 now...and he is not done
--for taylor and all her creative strong beauty
--for jessica growing up just a lil' bit more...i am proud
--for transitions, though not always easy, for the better of us all
--for the talk of a lil' one......
--for these creative hands...i am good at what i do...i can acknowledge and accept that
--for moving past hobby and passion, to more of a business state of mind...though always passionate
--for the way she makes me giggle on a daily
--for seeing, but not judging...for squashing gossip...and you should too...wanna know, ask the source
--for understanding our life together is the one for whispers and "did you knows"...shoot take notes...we got a precious thing going on here, one stories are written about...maybe you will learn something, on how to love yours or better yet...yourself.
--for marathon scrabble games
--for less walls and boundaries
--for everyday being valentine's day with her, yet must say this year was one of the best.
--for lil blue boxes and satin white ribbon...sigh
--for the way WE choose to live OUR life together, so find out what works for YOU...promise you will be happier.
--for our day fast we are doing this...i mean can it get anymore sweeter?
--for the answer being yes, you ain't seen nothing yet.