Monday, November 24, 2008

I Am Grateful....

--for The Most High, and everything surrounding that is good
--for one great weekend of poetry...from the babies to the grown folks...meeting one amazing lil' queen by the name of Madison
--for writing labs that demand the darkness to be you you fam....the tears are necessary
--for the necessary tears to allow the healing
--for another day...its been harder and harder to stay on this plane...but i was gently reminded i still have work to do
--for sitting in the sun and sitting in the dark, girl talks
--for the beautiful women in my life that bless me everyday with their presence and their words
--for showing the way to love right in your face...don't be too scared sis, he has been and will be your everything
--for big brother hugs and forehead kisses
--for a real chill ladies night...i needed it
--for the start the buildup
--for blessings in disguise
--for late night talks under the stars at the round table @ the newly dubbed "House Of Words" lol
--for meeting a very nice possibility (smile) but the irony of being deployed for over a year in less than 3 weeks, does not sit well...sigh
--for holding on in one of my darkest moments...i dare you to call on HIM, and see what happens
--for you and i writing about the same thing...girl i love the hell/heaven out of you
--for holidays reminding me what family and friends are all about

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Memoir...

(write your memoir in 6 words however you choose...write 6 stanzas, 5 lines each, each stanza with same word, each line has to begin with the word in your memoir..make it flow)

Born, i, from heartache
poetic resurrection

born i am
born i am to live past existing
born to exist despite my past
born to continue to live
born to live i
i am here
i woman
i love
i now
i now am in spite of you
from where do i go from here
from here to there
from in betweens
from filling gaps
from protruding gaping hearts
heartaches fills gaps
heart aches to feel
heartaches need no understanding to be
heartaches be of no understanding
heartaches make for good poetry
poetic intentions intend to put their best word forward
poetic forward pens will not lie still trying to write
poetic veins running thickly with poetry sustaining creation and
poetic heartache
poetic heartache i am thee
resurrection if you only knew
resurrection new
resurrection without knowing
resurrection knows
resurrection knows me

Saturday, November 15, 2008


(zion was the word given to me...write 26 sentences with Zion as the first word in the sentence. then pick 5 sentences and incorporate into a piece related to something going on in the world. mine was two-fold...about a personal relationship, yet also a letter to the nation/world from Michelle Obama...the next first still amazing to even say that)

My Dearest Zion
i inhale the death of you
to exhale me
been lost in translation
trying to translate the loss
of being lost without you
in your terms
on your terms
for Zion floats in the between vacant spaces
meet me halfway
dare to dream wholeness
peace of mind
so take care and mind my peace
this Zioness woman
watch her ways
feel her kiss
penetrate the way to wholeness
its best for both
slide slender fingers carefully below swiss-holed skin
in between today and tomorrow
take heed not to tear what has already been torn
even pressure causes diamonds to birth
let them drink mother's milk
paternal handlings bear witness to great seeds
as Zioness tendencies betray this heart
with good intentions
barren i am
but still bare succulent fruit
so bite
be satisfied
as holistic juices slide down lips
full of potential
licked from tips of fingers on point
and hear Zion within angelic laughs
coming from the dark cave of your being

Thursday, November 13, 2008

From Grandmother To Me To Her For Forgive

cocooned harmony sings lullabies
for girl child in need of wings
she doesn't realize she already has
slow even breaths
beat ancestral love across wetness of birth
breathe child
inhale mahogany strength into fragile lungs will hide your voice of woman
for many years to come
yet still write on my existence
long before
long after
reach deeply into front porch wisdom
blaze the trails i left fire upon
don't question
don't doubt
i am you
you are me
we are thee
then be...
hands deep in the struggle for self
prying open rib cages
to bare hearts to be broken
sewing kits in back pockets
for moments like these
squeeze every last drop of hope
onto screamless tongues
swallowed pride
will not allow
a mother's child to truly see
the child in her mother...
inked thumbs
bruise the pages from my mother's journal
juggles the eyes of angels
how different love can be...
prism reflections
imprison memories
of non forgiveness
umbilical cords
highwayed poison into altered beings
how can me come from thee?
breathe child...
for she too is in need of wings
she doesn't realize she already has
so sing with me
cocooned harmony lullabies
so she too can split her rib cage
to reveal her heart...
where is your sewing kit child
for moments like this?
how different love can be...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


was given this prompt by jono...he asked us each 3 things...what u like, what you love, what you know...from that he came up with a writing prompt for each of us...taking other's answers, so none of us got our own back...babyboy is something else...

Everything's sweet
all is honey
my lover's prayer in my ear
(we could use the words verbatim, what it means to you personally, or break it up)

everything is sweet
all is honey
dripping slowly
from lips slightly parted
my lover's prayer in my ear
whispering in tongues
searches for redemption
amongst Koran & Psalm lullabies
etched beneath my skin
blasphemy i know...
but sacred is this temple
built for thee
for this is hollow ground
i will raise my alter
to your thickening sky
inscribe your comings
in the Book of Shadows
hidden between full moon thighs
breathe this life into me
as i gasp the answer to life
in harmony with you
my tongue traces hieroglyphics
in desperate codes
along passionate willingness
breathe for me...
take my very breath away
then let me kiss it back
as you look into these eyes of salvation
do you hear it?
right there
just pass moans
and heavy breaths
do you hear it?
where angels wait to become seeds
into me
so that they may live
because here
everything is sweet
and i mean everything is honey...
please lick slowly

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grateful Still....

--for moments i acknowledge in gratitude
--for the tour coming together very well and the help from others
--for the freedom to do so...we will work on working for the man full time when i get back lol
--for the love i keep within, and the love i give outwardly
--for morning texts to keep me smiling
--for dark days and bright days...all a part of me
--for you always trying to "fix it"
--for blood or otherwise...still family
--for understanding....coming slowly...but still it's coming
--for girlfriend hangouts...i think if someone watch us they would report us to the crazy farm lol
--for girlfriends i can be myself with
--for long distance flirts...don't make me get my passport sir lol
--for young stars turning into young warriors before our eyes
--for the pen moving again....deeply bleeding
--for laughter the only way you can bring you lion
--for understanding again....of self, and why i do what i do the way i do beat is different...and that is fine by me
--for wanting to give everything...yet my cup will always remain full when i see your smile
--for being part of a great group of poets...yeah sis i know, its different now...but at least we were part of it has shaped our world many of us have laid the path for others to follow...though there will never be roadtrips like ours
--for music that makes me feel all melancholy inside...or want to bust your windows out LOL LOL...not really
--for the people of this nation finally getting a voice....NOW YOU HEAR US....i pray he will remember

Monday, November 03, 2008

Rip My Heart Out Please....

if you ever WANT to get past some issues within yourself...go to a bfran writing lab with our beloved JONO facilitating....

contact like this...
hard i know
no smiles
stop hiding behind them
and beautiful dark eyes
darken even more
words he does not know...or does he
young heart
old soul
commands ones that ring so true
so close to home
so soon
too soon
open doors of opportunity
for tears to crawl through
i want to catch each diamond
construct a bridge
for you to cross
wait for me on the other side
secrets and pain dare not speak
eyes bat them away
at the possibility of you leaving them
get back in your corner
not your time
whether its is your time or not
it is not my time
and i am not ready
hush lil' baby
don't you cry
mommas's going to buy you a mockingbird
and if that mockingbird don't sing
mommas going to lose everything.................................................

i can't do this
i must do this
ready or not
here goes
feel this shit
every painful moment
every pebble in your shoe
that has bruised your heel
these feet carry a heavy load
not scale wise
but life wise
shoulders will break
even with a feather's kiss
do i want
do i need this...yes
how dare you make me feel ANYTHING!
reflections don't see me
but her eyes caught a glimpse
offering me to me
look closely
no not around the edges
where its safe
look into me
where its not safe
where there are no more veils to hide behind
no daggers to stab backsides
or smoking guns at crime scenes
see the blood pool the outline of you
the do not cross the line barricade
she is you
she is we
but no longer us.....breathe