Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend of Just Being...and so grateful for it

--for God allowing me to be a pretty good mom
--for prayer to get through it all
--for one of the best Mother's Day i have ever had, my kids made me feel so beautiful and so loved
--for my Zeus
--for laughing until i couldn't see a damn thing..ya'll chicks is crazy
--for hanging out with the neo/ktown crew
--for the lil gestures of kindness...they don't go unnoticed
--for the chivalry of a woman
--for the knowing glances and conversations we have without uttering a word
--for the road we have traveled pimpin'...nice to see us on the same beautiful is your view from there?
--for the people in my life...and loving the good and not so good, just loving all the parts..and hope they love me the same
--for hair playing and watching over me
--for lil' man wanting us to stay one more day
--for fly azzz poets and their words...just enjoy sitting back and watching
--for new territory in my love life...who knew...'cause i didn't see it coming
--for this lifetime possibilities
--for time with my mom...i am getting there
--for brutal honesty...even with myself
--for you up and down the highway 3 weeks in a row...amazing you are
--for everything being so damn natural and comfortable between us
--for trying really hard to stay in my lane, but girl must admit you are so good at what you do
--for loving this skin i am in...and the new dresses which grace this fluffy beautiful frame
--for seeing more and more the Goddess within

Monday, May 04, 2009

Fierce!! B. Scott

just might receive a least a hell yes for sure!!
watch the whole thing too please.