Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Are U Serious?

so has anyone else seen these damn beer commercials?
where the giant can of beer drops from the sky onto an unsuspecting dude caught being sensitive?
then the announcer says 'be a man, drink (cant remember the name of the beer)'
i started to laugh, but then i was like whoa!!! what the hell!!??
so a man isnt a TRUE man if he is caught being sensitive or caring?
Man up!!!!
thoughts or responses??

Sunday, December 25, 2005

family ties...con't

not related directly to previous post. but directly related to the ties that bind.
yes, its after midnight and i still have a million and one things to do.
didn't i say i wouldn't do this again this year? i have improved though, not worrying too much about everybody in my life getting something from me that will probably get lost or broken, or worse-forgotten along the way.
i think the best gift i could give is of myself anyway.
the best gift to receive these days...friends and family...truly blessed to have some friends i consider family
lately i have spent a lot of quality time w/ my own seeds, realizing just how much i truly have missed them
realizing just how damn funny they are...so unique...damn they actually came from me
realizing just how good they are for my soul
but i'm still not ready to come home
home-funny word, simple word very complicated
i look around at the home i once made, dust has collected in many corners
things i thought mattered...no longer do
its their home now, yet a figment of my own imagination
so i try to help out as much as i can for their reality
to help the man they are a part of, that i was a part of for over 14years
will continue to be a part of....but different kind of way now
i know he tries to do the best he can with what he has, but its hard for him, its hard for a man
he didn't realize just how much i actually did to keep it 'home'
i didn't realize just how much i actually did, still so much to be done
didn't realize how empty my own lil apt is-not a home-wondering if i will ever find a 'home' again?
wondering if 'someone special' will ever enter my life again
when will i breathe again?
not actually how i intended for this blog to be, but guess it went where it was suppose to go
i have presents to wrap and pies to bake....Merry Christmas all you beautiful people

Monday, December 19, 2005

Tag!! You're It!!

so perhaps a lil behind again in the blogging dept.
lets try this, since i have been tagged twice

3 screen names i have:

3 physical things i like about myself:
my eyes
my hair
my toes

3 physical things i don't like about myself:
my hair (again-a love/hate relationship)
my weight
my calves (too thick for long sexy boots)

3 parts of my heritage:
beautiful black

3 of my everyday essentials:
my pen/journal
hearing my kids laugh
to be still

3 of my favorite musicians:
rachelle ferrell

3 of my favorite songs:
all u got to do is say yes (floetry)
how about any of Ceelo's
i remember (kem)

3 hobbies:

3 things i want in a relationship:
mutual honesty
mutual respect

3 lies:
i'm okay/fine/alright
i'll call
yes i did come(lol)

3 things i want to do really bad right now (w/a special someone):
kiss his lips
laugh in each others arms until it hurts
embarass the universe with our love

3 careers i've considered:
forensic patholigist
personal shopper for the rich

3 kids names i like:
jewel (grandmother's name)

3 ways i'm a stereotypical dude/lady:
i pout
jealous streak
love being taken care of

Saturday, December 03, 2005


last night...i don't even know if i have the words. Some of these bad azz poets, i hold dear to my heart, got together @ a Carribean Lights...opened up for All U Need.
What can i say....we rocked the shyt out of that place. The band was amazing, but i do believe the crowd was feeling the poets more!!!Yes!!!
I love the spoken word, i just love words period...the diversity was amazing on the mic.
i was pleasently surprised by Jazz Man showing up, so of course i had to do the piece inspired by him.
my big brotha b has taken my piece to another level...love u b...u r amazing!
had not heard the latest version
he was not ready for it
he was spellbound
mission accomplished
and he was not ready for Knowtorious 13 either LOL...u made him blush LOL...
i mean i think i have to put last night up there with some of the best memories of my life...i don't know what made it so special this night, but it was incredible.
the atmosphere, the Pink Panthers(OMG!!),the band, the poets, my friends, my family, the laughs, the word....all i can say is its good to be alive
ya know