Saturday, August 06, 2005

sunshine, fuzzy slippers, and laughter til it hurts

So it was moving day for me again. Bitter sweet. Left a place i love, left a friend i will miss hanging out w/in the kitchen or across the pool table. Will miss an amazing young man (always will be auntie)and a beautiful lil girl who says "Hi shelle" with the utmost enthusiasm. I didn't plan on asking anyone to help, i don't do very well in that particular dept. But a ray of sunshine refused to listen to my solo move and came anyway. Thank God! I don't know what i would of done w/o Sarah. She came down thurs. night.late night snacks along w/ late night smokey smoke. Watched the most amazing light show take place among the clouds in a jet black night sky. Reminded me of the scene in Close Encounters, when the mother ship was behind the clouds. Hmm i wonder. Anyway, tried to watch a dvd. I fell asleep, and of course started the most annoying habit-snoring. damn i hate that about myself. where are those dang nose strips! Woke up early friday. rushed across town to take my son to 6th grade orientation. bittersweet as well. i realize i have no more babies in elementary. growing up so fast, and i still want to hold on and scream slow down dammit!! my fraile lil man looks so helpless to me among these giants in middle school. but of course that is from a mother's perspective.he keeps smiling, and i keep hugging, w/ a solitary tear waiting to fall and a huge lump in my throat....
now off to pick up my keys!!
I don't know who is more excited, myself or sarah. her enthusiasm is infectious. hence i call her "my sunshine." We take a quick peek at my new spot. YES!! give each other high 5 and do the happy dance.So we load up. let me tell you this sistah can move some shiznit!!what i didn't pack in boxes. she threw in heavy steel garbage bags, and i mean threw it in there. coming down the stairs looking like a red faced santa clause with sacks slung over her shoulder!Sarah's Moving Service-real cheap/real fast!!
We did it though. did it through much sweat. who in the hell said i wanted 2nd floor-oh yeah that would be me. we laid out on the floor among a smokey a not together, what the hell were YOU thinking, huh?
got dressed, 'cause it was time to grub. headed over to cheddar's and ate up some stuff. they have the most amazing onion rings. still haven't tried my girl 13's favorite-Monte Cristo, but i will get around to it. damn waitress was irritating the hell out of sarah, but she left her a tip anyway.
hit up wally-world, cause when i say i'm starting over...believe me I'm starting over. it is amazing just the basics you need, forget the frills...find me a damn pot and a plate to eat off of. okay so we got one frill--matching outrageous furry rainbow slippers!!! which we wore playing Catch Phrase, and even did a jig...cause i was happy.
there is nothing like gut hurting,face turning red,tear flowing-laughter w/ a girlfriend. oh yeah w/matching outrageous furry rainbow slippers too, no doubt.
we passed out around 1am.
like i said, i'm glad she came up and helped out...otherwise i would still be moving. side bar-13 forgive me for not letting u know, thought i had told u i was moving, i know u would of helped if i had asked, my bad...still love me?
so now i'm here in my new spot. a continuation of this fabulous journey i call my life.seems steps are finally going up and forward, rather than down and backwards for a change.
Sunshine always has a way of saying the best affirmations to me. Her spirit and heart is of gold, and i will say thanks my melanin challenged sistah for everything you are, and everything you mean to me.xxoo
Sunshine stretched out her arms and said "I see much growth happening w/in these walls for you."
i smile like the angels had just whispered in my ears.
yep, i think so too....i think so too.