Friday, June 26, 2009


Dear Anonymous,
i wasn't quite sure how to address this at all...should i even bother with it? should i even publish the comment made by you in the first place? at first i was, but nah i will not give you the satisfaction.

the word "anonymous" has a simple definition...but i am adding another: COWARD

please look that one up on your own, since you seem to have PLENTY of time on your hands anyway.

i want you "anonymous" to know very careful my dear, your incognito is short-lived and pseudo...but ohhh baby_______________________(fill in the blank)!!

yes, i may be an old *____* as you stated...but this old *____* is one damn sexy beautiful woman, inside and out, better than you will ever HOPE to look or be...what did your reflection say to YOU this morning? i mean besides idiot and bitter?

by the way, don't let my constant smile fool ya for being all sweet and weak...whatever means you need to get in contact with me and "let's talk this over" i will get to ya real quick.

oh yeah...hey "anonymous" a.k.a. the COWARD, you CANNOT shake my tree, nor steal my JOY my dear.

thanks for the effort though

until we meet again...hallelujah...holla back


Its A New Day...

--for God in all his/her forms
--for this love of ours
--for chucks, pretty girls, good laughs, good drinks, and naturals
--for looks that could kill lol
--for needed time away, but still missing it all...its just different kind of missing now
--for the enormity of a wingfield's burger...and baby, i don't want to do this again lol
--for the intellectual and the strategist
--for the haters...hey i need 22 more before the year's end...any takers?
--for my kids and all their awesomeness...they are hella cool indeed
--for my baby boy's 15th bday coming up next week
--for upcoming beach trips...and new beginnings
--for safe havens to run to
--for our first grocery shopping
--for treetop heaven
--for realities we never expected...yes will be this way always...and we know it
--for nudging the fledgling out the nest a bit more each day lol
--for the humor in everyday life
--for walking down hallways no one was allowed to, but she tore down the police tape
--for Zeus' fists of justice
--for knowing the greatness of MJ
--for the lil' things that make a BIG difference

Friday, June 19, 2009

For Everything....

--for the Creator and She...and the sweet Grace surrounding us all
--for love in all its forms
--for making one of the toughest decisions i have ever had to make
--for my babies i left behind...i love you two so very much...shining stars already
--for support from those who truly are friends, and they make it known
--for you showing your true colors, not what i expected, but it is what it is
--for NEVER again...i love you sis
--for knowing that no matter how confident or strong i get, it will never be mistaken for arrogance nor will i walk on the backs of those who help me get there
--for growing into one helluva HEALTHY woman
--for knowing when to walk away, and when to come back
--for one great man who loves me, understands me, loves her too, and knows that i am happy
--for painful realizations through retrospection...but i am ok, not staying down in the muck...rising above...growing even more
--for my Zeus, my protector...gently reminding me of how people should/shouldn't treat me
--for Vegas baby!!!!!
--for situations that are not easy, but we will all work it out for the better
--for my great kids....long talks, and my "how did ya'll get so dang smart"
--for being in her space...she loves my cooking lol
--for the beauty and serenity of the Botanical Gardens
--for sweet grandmothers in Whataburger drive thru's
--for scars healing quite nicely with her gentle kisses

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Is For You...and You...and You...oh yeah and YOU

--yes she is my girlfriend
--yes i am quite aware she is a woman
--yes a HELLUVA one at that
--yes i know there will be issues
--no i will not run at the first sign of trouble
--no this is not a summer romance
--no I AM NOT playing
--yes I AM serious
--yes WE are quite serious
--no i am not the same woman YOU THINK i am
--yes you make me laugh lurking
--yes she is smitten
--yes i am just as smitten, if not more
--no i did not steal her from her
--yes she stole MY heart
--yes HE knows
--yes we have HIS blessing
--no its not easy for any of us
--no God will not condemn us...i mean He brought this together right?
--yes my kids adore her
--yes she adores my kids
--no i am NOT the seductress i have been sadly labeled
--no everything you thought i did when with her, you are incorrect
--yes i have always cared about her
--yes she knows i am a packaged deal
--no i will not leave them behind this time
--yes...again, its just THAT serious
--yes if you would like an invitation...send me your address lol
--yes i am in love
--no i have never felt this way
--yes SHE IS enough
--yes i will take great and BETTER care of her
--no its not going too fast
--yes you should be happy for me, her, for us
--no i don't need you...did i ever?
--yes get out of our stuff picking it apart and go get YOUR OWN happiness
--yes take care of YOUR OWN household pretty lady, seems your foot is in two doorways anyway
--no you cannot shake my happiness
--no i will not miss the phallic symbol...AT ALL
--yes i love the haters
--yes grow up
--yes should of put a ring on she has...hmmmm

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Yes, Its Been A Hot Minute....

--for the Creator & She...wrapped up in Grace...thank you for continuing to guide my steps
--for great poetic house parties, faces i haven't seen in so long, and more interesting and funny moments
--for tough talks...with blessings...he just wants me happy...and loves her too...'cause she brings kolaches lol
--for this friggin' fantabulous story that is being written...started a long time ago didn't it?
--for my kids, my kids, my kids....yeah they are pretty cool, funny, beautiful, smart, intelligent, passionate, creative....ok ok i can go on forever...very proud to be called (still) "mommy"
--for each and every cell in her body that makes her so unique, and the rest of this time on earth to explore each
--for hands in hair
--for vulnerable moments, yet still feeling safe
--for my Zeus, and the new way i look at thunder and lightening
--for believing again in real love
--for being able to show all my parts, without fear of judgement or abandonment
--for our trip to Vegas...through new eyes
--for my babies on this team...i am so proud of all the hard work, pens are wicked
--for the passion that still burns
--for the ones who understand sometimes i'm friend, sometimes i'm coach..and don't take advantage of either
--for 4th story open window giggles and attacking curtains
--for this time...being the right time...even next lifetime is jealous right now
--for scratched records and silence....priceless...yep now ya know
--for making plans for our future...our
--for the comfort of 3 beautiful faces surrounding me during our mommy's bed talks...they love her just as much...
--for mauve...and letting blue be blue lol...i am learning
--for you and i, and our ever growing friendship...we always going to be alright this time around...sho a nice view from here
--for still learning me and this skin i am in...peace and understanding keeps me looking young lol
--for prayer and meditation...we must be still sometimes
--for long lists