Thursday, May 29, 2008

sweetness she is...

you taste like home
like after sunday dinner's dessert
sitting under grandmother's glass cake dome
teasing me with anticipation
the sweetness of lemon cake crumbles
melting on my tongue benediction

beautiful brown
make love to my hands
with skin softened by wisdom and time
in chocolate divinity
allow me to drown in progress...aren't we all

his words...poets are dangerous (lol)

(not my words...wish they were though)

A free verse moment (just wanted to give you something from me)

Let me capture you in my wings…
Help you to see the things…that are already there
A ball of positive energy burning deep within
A heart that has holes from leftover foes
Who made promises in the color of blood
And then killed your insight with false prophecies of love
Let me help you release and be free
To reach the peak of your existence
To pitch a tent against the wind…
Meditate under the stars
And start allover again
Because you are that sun…
That lights my inside with words to live by unknowingly
You have captured the flow in me
And others that have crossed your path
Live for you and never focus on the past
The new you that knows how to hold, how to feel, and how to take control
Of those who come against you
I have been in your shoes…that have been worn by ancestors before us
When you love like we do…evil comes against us
It’s the natural law of being unnatural...
For we breed the same flow…walk the same road of being different
Let’s combined energies and ignite
Let your wings take an artistic flight
And fly poet fly….just fly
The weather is beautiful up here

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Impossible Girl

Funky Mike's writing assignment: after listening too "Delilah" by The Dreseden Dolls, we had to write about an impossible girl...either she is impossible or an idea or situation is impossible.
i wrote about myself, speaking to myself, trying to save myself....

hey you
we need to talk
what about us?
i am tired of holding us together
this multifaceted woman
with cracked dimensions
self seeping slowly from salted fissures
depleted tape
tears slowly curling edges
sew tear ducts close
allowing them to retreat and fill empty heart chambers
cleanse the sticky residue of him
always searching for lil' boy lost
in every man you meet
the fixer
the healer
while you fall apart
tearing at the seams
stranger's kisses are not glue
warm nights only leave cold mornings
salvation will not be found between legs
no matter how many times you call God's name
get off your knees in prayer
he is not the bread of life
all you want
lick the crumbs from in between fingers
all you want
gorge on his existence
all you want
you will always remain hungry
hardened bodies don't allow soft flesh
to fall to safety
only the sickening sound of a dull thud
like jumping off the edge
knowing he will continuously cut the cord
yet you expecting one day to fly
i need for you to fly
i need for you to fly away
with me
with splintered wings, tattered seams and all
you know the ones you've hidden in soiled pockets
full of pennies
because he didn't care about thoughts
yes those...
i can't promise i will catch you
but try anyway
you impossible girl

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Da Week N Da Weekend Full of Gratitude...

--for trusting my instincts the Good Lord and She blessed me with...just got to listen
--for a week of abundant cash flow...always a good thing
--for being able to spoil my babies even more so, because of the extra...definitely a great thing
--for pizza, telling it like it is and laughs with 2 of my favorite people...priceless
--for the poetic family growing and for the family returning home...a blessing seeing you two on the mic again...NEO NEO WHAT!!!!
--for the cutest teacher directing our practice...natural leader
--for my pen calling me again
--for our real nice conversation at the bar...nice to finally meet you
--for the excitement of the new baby coming to fruition...say what?...SAY ANYTHING!
--for unexpected phone calls to keep me smiling
--for the way you and i "talk" without speaking a word, or when distractions come around, how we catch each other's look and laugh...yeah you stuck with me too
--for my lil' black panther always down to party...she fits everywhere
--for saying i am "wife material" thank you ma'am
--for beautiful mild days and cool nights...why can't it stay like this
--for crazy storms watched from safe open doors, and tornadoes staying away from my house...even though the sirens went off
--for this life of mine...i am truly happy and most truly blessed

Thursday, May 15, 2008


...laugh when it all becomes so ludicrous there's nothing else to do. laugh big, deep laughs that open up your throat and your lungs and your belly. laugh alone, laugh in concert with other laughers. at the movies, laugh when no one else laughs--and let them wonder what they've missed. laugh at your own mistakes, your own foibles, your own foolishness. laugh in the face of fear. laugh until you cry, laugh until you have a stomachache. let laughter be your medicine, your companion, your music of joy from within. laugh in school or at work or in church. get up and leave the room if you must. laugh in public. bend over laughing, fall to the ground laughing, roll on the floor laughing. start an entire room laughing, start the whole world laughing. and don't stop until you have the last laugh. she who laughs, lives.
--rachel snyder

i think this simple verb is one of the most important things anyone can do. just laugh no matter what! feels so good when you are laughing so hard, tears are flowing and you are begging for the craziness to stop because your stomach is hurting so much....that is great stuff.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Amazingly Grateful...

--for ordered steps in His path, if you shall receive
--for just a lil bit more breathe...
--for embracing the feelings and working through them instead of stuffing them
--for the lil switch that has finally gone off in my head...5 pounds out now!
--for the strength and power of women, especially when we come together
--for a wolf's fierce love for her man-cub...i understand
--for this thursday's neo....f*cking incredible...old school meets new school...neo neo...its not about ego's or mic time...its about a growing community, a family
--for your brown eyes smiling at me from across the table, and your lil hands in mine
--for newness
--for the excitement the team is feeling...we moving and moving fast
--for new clothes...hmmm i need some new shoes lol
--for my outlook on life these days....tis fabulous!...i am being prepared for something big ya'll...not sure what it is...but something is brewing i can feel it
--for the sound of wind whispering thru the trees, in anticipation of feeling it across my that sound
--for meditation and peace of mind
--for my babies...ahhh my babies
--for the sweet love she has found, looks good on you girl
--for just hanging out, laughing, no expectations, no drama...just a slow even flicker of a flame contained...
--for her writing again...keep that pen dancing babygirl
--for long lists...priceless

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mental Foreplay

the best sex starts in the foreground of the mental playground
may i play in your sandbox for awhile?
share all my toys with you
even show you some new ones
we can play with our words
until we achieve deep stimulation
until the streetlights come on
so come inside
ease your hardness
into my softness
no movement
just sanctuary
within thy temple
bodies meditating in silence
set our minds a fire
soothe the soul
inscribe illusions across eyelids
like Ouija board incantations
hands kneading away at the subtleties
and thickness of curves
caress the underside of my thigh
go deeper into this playground
i told you i would share it all
soft heat whispers secrets across necklines
into wisps of curls
the scent of vanilla
the taste of raspberries
i your favorite sweetness
you my favorite weakness
intoxicates senses
let tongues seek their own inebriation
drink me into heaven
without judgement
without sin
sip me into sunrises
swallow straight through sunsets
savor this flavor
of blissful insanity
allow me to be the ultimate aphrodisiac
so come and play in between these mental walls
so come...


labor hard to bring forth your creations. labor long into the night. feel your body as a sacred vessel, pouring out the fruits of your labors. give birth to an idea, a vision you've carried for decades. sweat and grunt and moan low to bring forward your music, your words, your dance, your dream. yourself. feel yourself ready to open. hear yourself cry out from the pain. scream for everyone to leave you alone. beg for everyone to hold you close. surround yourself with women while you labor. ask them to hold your hands, to rub your back, to bring you warm blankets and cool drinks and an extra box of diskettes. know that whatever you birth, when the labor is over, the hard work begins.
--rachel snyder of 365 Words of Well-Being for Women

the fight to bring forth love is worth every scratch, bruise, and blood spilt...right?

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Once or twice.

three times at the most.

then quit your complaining, and get over it.

it might make you feel well, but the rest of us are sick and tired of hearing it!!
--rachel snyder

lol, this one had me laughing and saying HELL YES!
you know we all know someone who is like this...whining about their life or somebody else or something else non-stop. okay...yeah...say it, then get moving...or what ya going to do about it? venting is good, i might add...there is a place for it...but you also need to know when to shut the hell up and do something about it. quit sitting in your own shit, get the broom out and clean your mess up!
whew...i needed to say that, i think...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gracious Gratitude

--for the one who created this complication, and the one who continues to stand by me
--for knowing (sometimes) when to speak, and when to shut the hell up
--for crawfish boils, bad azz domino partner (they can't handle us!), great stimulating conversations, good company, reconnections and new connections, an unlikely dj, kindred spirits, and the passion of women...all in the same evening!
--for kayaking on an absolutely perfect day with my brother and my oldest gift
--for forgiveness
--for the growth in us that is obvious and acknowledged
--for paths that continue to cross...lets walk this one together this time
--for knowing...KNOWING my peace and joy does not come from outside sources...its been a long road to actually finally feel this coming to fruition
--for the sparks our lips create together
--for getting lost in a good book
--for prayer...i recommend it to any and everybody
--for the homeless man who said i had a pretty smile--and wanted nothing
--for meeting a young man who has been beyond the veil of this earthly plane, i believe he will be a good teacher...and he could see the unearthed power in me
--for family...blood and otherwise