Tuesday, January 31, 2006

In Loving Memory

"If you get your heart right, your mind and body will fall into place right behind it."--Correta Scott King

she was, and will always be, one of the great ones.
she always seemed so graceful, so regal to me.
yet so much pain behind her eyes.
a woman who stood by her man, no matter what...and i mean no matter what
made sure Dr. King's legacy was never forgotten....sadly so many have forgotten.
where have all our leaders gone?

Friday, January 27, 2006

some more ramblings

tx dot sign: arson/fire ban in effect
um, isn't arson already illegal?

my youngest daughter discovers why i say "DON"T SHARE MAKEUP"....yucky conjunctivitis aka pink eye. she couldn't go to school today...sure she was upset. now wants to go to a party...um baby no can do...she is part of the awful in crowd, and is crying her lil mucous filled eyes out right now.
mean mommy, i know.

he says to his cousin: tell Michelle to call me...uh brotha, that street goes both ways and don't u know your name had been deleted. home and cell.
per prior post....one of the weeds needing pulling from my garden, dammit where is my Weed Be Gone?!

lol, street goes both ways...guess i do lol sorry made a personal inside funny
i need help!!

how do u tell a fellow poet his shyt is sounding very sam i am...i am sam...green eggs and hammish?

and why do certain people always read certain blogs...BUT NO CERTAIN COMMENTS ARE LEFT...VERY UM STRANGE FOR CERTAIN LOL!!
not calling out any names or anything...
Angels walk amongst us daily! HA!

give it up for Oprah everybody...poor man will never EVER sell another book in this lifetime or the next

how can u tell if a guy is really digging u? even after sleeping in the same bed with u...absolutely nothing happens, seriously...well he gives great foot rubs, is he being a true gentleman or perhaps is he_________?
u fill in the blank
um, happened to a friend of mine couple of months back...yeah, thats it!

2 children 6 and 8 waiting for the schoolbus, car pulls up tries to pull them both into the car, lil boy fought like hell, schoolbus rounded corner probably saving both of their lives.
first, very proud of youngster for fighting
second, why is a 6/8 yr old alone waiting, out of visual sight from their home?

state of cali, went ahead with execution of 77yr old who has been on death row 23yrs...legally blind, had a stroke, suffered 2 heart attacks, a diabetic, confined to a wheelchair....
am i the only one who says something is wrong here?

life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards- soren kierkegoard

Monday, January 23, 2006

observations within

sex is a funny thing...
giving yourself away in lil pieces is not...
i am enjoying this journey getting to know me. a few bumps in the road. a crash or two, even a blackhole appeared.but nonetheless i am still standing. i have great insurance coverage...the Creator.
i'm finding out just because i am a very sexual woman, does not mean i have to give this sweet essence away all the time, to just anybody. why, at almost 40 i'm learning this?....but the lesson comes anyway.better late than never i presume.
god! did i say almost 40?
so lately, i've been cleaning house sorta speak. getting rid of the trash and mediocracy, ya know.
i find it quite interesting, as well, the reactions from men and women-i love 'em both. i let them know, hey i'm flattered...but unless u r willing to explore the possibility of something meaningful...cause right now i'm looking for substance.
(actually i'm craving it.)casual encounters are on the back burner. women, for the most part, understand and respect this idea of mine. i said, for the most part....lol. even had one beautiful lady say 'can u just wait until after we have had our moment, to start this quest? don't be like that' she said
i laughed, but also was hurt....she didn't get it
i was just an object of her desire...a thing.
now the men, hahahahahahahahaha....i swear i love ya'll, but so damn predictable.
hey, ever want to weed out the wrong ones, clear out a room, have'em running for the hills...just tell 'em ya looking for something more....hear that? sounds of crickets chirping!! EXACTLY!!
its all good....she or he is out there for me.
i'm not looking, but i am waiting.
sistah here got some more cleaning to do before this house is ready
....until next time

Friday, January 20, 2006

Cause I Was Tagged Again

My Life...My Poem

My Name:Michelle...Desi...shelle...MichelleDesiree...butterfly

Childhood Ambition: to be a vetenarian(sp) and own my own art gallery

First Job: Maljazur(lisa) n i designing carnival games in my grandmother's front yard, n charging our friends...like i was maybe 6/7?

Last Purchase: damn, when was the last time i had some money? oh, head of lettuce and tomatoes

Indulgence: bubblebaths...journaling...caramel(all 3 at once OMG)

Fondest Memory: sitting @ Cafe De Monde, New Orleans, overcast day, drizzling, sipping on coffee and eating those sinful powder beignettes (sp), watching horse drawn carriages and people watching...it was like the world had decided to slow down and become a lil sweeter. i will never forget it.

Soundtrack: Carwash....ya'll remember that one????? still got my lp..HA!

Retreat: my bedroom, very royale. makes me feel queenly.

Wildest Dream: the Purple One (not Barney)singing to me in a bubblebath, writing poetry as he drizzles caramel on my.........

Proudest Moment:there were 3...Jessica, Taylor, and Kameron

Biggest Challenge: dealing w/ this entity called me

Alarm Clock: the Creator

Perfect Day: easy one, talking to my kids...then good friends, good food, good fun, good drinky drinks, laughter and damn good poetry

Favorite Movie: The Color Purple/Their Eyes Were Watching God (for the love dreamt of...w/o killing my man though)

Inspiration: taylor's smile and my neosoul poets

My Poem: Despite The Hunger by Alice Walker

Tag??? I think everyone has been it already!

Mangos By Moonlight

I wait for u
beneath willow trees-under willow leaves
soft rain weeping
fallen sentiments-tickling my senses
tongue searches slowly
tasting memories-in corners of lips
I smile
and allow my mind to wander...
u braid jasmin and honeysuckle within my hair
run with wild abandon thru sunflowers
swaying on intimate breezes
you catch me-i let you
at the river's edge-winding like destined paths
always changing-always constant
barefoot in cool water-soothing
pebbles skipping across lucid insanity
rings begin-never ending
outward rhythms-hollow melodies
cling to our ankles-reverberating across our souls
one simple kiss
stung like scorpions-smooth like honey
we drink each other
becoming intoxicated-anebriated
thirsty for completion-quenched by desire
absorbing needs-dissolving wants
you draw me nearer
fullness of breast-pressed against chest
heartbeats and heartbreaths-synchronize
head resting in bend of neck-lips within creases
I smile
and i allow my mind to wander...
embarrassed by our passion
the sun hid itself within your locks
so we made love in canefields-by voyeristic moonlight
sugar pilows-bed of rich earth
you drip mango flavored raindrops on my skin
sticky succulence-wetness
between fingers-between thighs-between toes
dampening my crown-glistening shades of gold
tips stirring my hues
lips conjuring stars
hips searching for God
pondering meaning of life-upon temple doors
finding divinity within
yearning-wanting more
whole body rises to receive
every part of u-fitting perfectly-into me
positive space taking up the negative
the ebb-the flow
the yin-the yang
called u and i
hands entertwined-eyes lock
searching for questions-to answers never spoken-but understood
river winding-river changing-again
the wind plays with whispers of seduction
blowing gently across my body
like sweet promises etched into angel's lips
i smile-memories of heaven
or is this madness contained?
as i allow my mind to wander...
to scents of jasmin and honeysuckle
to river's edge and cool waters
to sunflowers and canefields
to mango flavored raindrops
in corners of lips-tasting memories
tongue searches slowly
tickling my senses-fallen sentiments
soft rain weeping
under willow leaves-beneath willow trees
i wait for u

Monday, January 16, 2006

he did what??!!

mike epps walked upstairs
went straight to the bar
ordered a drink
walked around a bit
we said hello
my brother said hey got that sweet u need
b right back
brother gave it to him
epps took his sack out
placed it on the table
slit the sweet
emptied the sweet
filled the sweet
lit the sweet
and proceeded to smoke the sweet
erica says there is smoking ban in the clubs
uh i don't think he cares
and he didn't even pass it to my brother!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

first of many 2006 ramblings of a bonified lunatic

he is gone, but will return....a man
thank u for giving me wings
why is a 63yr old man sleeping on this couch, not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of...unless its the one belonging to his grandkids...yes this is my lovely father
i love the softness that has occurred in him
my oldest is moving out YEAH!! oh im sorry was i suppose to be that damn excited!
too much alcohol + too much altering substances=bad sexual choices
Just say No!
think i might try celibacy
ok why do i hear a thunderous laughter right now
not f***ing funny ya'll...i can do it
why do my writings lately haunt me?
keep me up until i listen?
Their Eyes Were Watching God!!! sarah and i big babies, but knew she was the only one to watch it with
i want love like Janie and TeaCake
does that shit exist?
walked to the library today, sorry damn near treked to the library lol
needed the exercise
stupid who r u kidding ...YOUR CAR IS BROKE DOWN, YOU AIN'T GOT NO MONEY
am i lying? cause if i am then i will stop. am i lying?
well then dont shush me
its hard dealing with just me, try dealing with two just trying to be