Friday, June 27, 2008


let it be. just let it be and let go. let her have her way, then let go of it once and for all. let her have her way, then let a sleeping dog lie. let it be okay. let it be. let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with you. let up on the gas and let your mind wander. let yourself go. let your hair down; let it swing free and easy. let yourself have a break now and then will you? let yourself live again and love again. if someone has let you down, let it pass. let bygones be bygones. let the truth be known, now and forever. let the bells ring and the chimes chime.
--from 365 Words of Well-Being for Women by Rachel Snyder

and this has been part of the growth lately...just letting go...not letting folks walk over you or take advantage, but loving people where they are in their life at that time. not letting life get to me, especially the things i have no control over. to not hold forgive others...more importantly to forgive myself.
just let it be and let go....peace

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Haven't Listed In Awhile...But Still Always Grateful...

--for He & She always present, always blessings, always Grace
--for everday you get just a lil' better...hold on beautiful warrior
--for a great weekend and bonding even more with my team...crazy butts
--for being friends, and not just teammates...priceless
--for the inspiration and the fire put under our behinds and in our pens...WOW
--for you and the smile on my face you are responsible for...not ready for this
--for you trusting will get better...but you are the one who must change sir
--for my new poet's bag all the way from across the seas...its hot!! my other bag is pissed at me for putting him away lol
--for knowing when to walk away...even for a moment
--for having the right music for every situation...why isn't this stuff played on the radiowaves?
--for you wanting to spoil me...thank you for appreciating me
--for vulnerability
--for the women in my life...never can say this one enough
--for the laughter of all 3 of my children in the same room...what else can i ask for
--for crazy text messages to make me laugh, cry, smile, and laugh again
--for remaining in the moments...its the lil things that count
--for 6 weeks to one of the best experiences we will have together

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

write sister...
we are waiting
to feel the fire of your phoenix
the sun pales in comparison
to the fierceness piercing
from your warrior gaze
continue to write at His
at Her feet
oh the stories you will tell
when you return
please don't keep her too long
we still need her here
so write sister...
we are waiting

Monday, June 16, 2008


close your eyes and step out over the edge. leave behind the baggage that will weigh you down. stretch farther than you beieved you could. gather your courage; you'll need it. let go of every one of those twenty-seven reasons why you can't do it. drop the concepts of failure, of success. just do it. know that you'll fly or you won't. the ground isn't that far away-and if you create a safety net before you go, someone will somehow break your fall. maybe falling is okay. you're not jumping off Mt. Kilimanjaro; you're simly testing your reach, bridging what seemed to be an impossible chasm. sell off your furniture and take a trip. cut up your credit cards. become houseless for a while. ask the children's father to take them for a month while you write or train or sing or sleep. ask again. move far away. leap.
--rachel snyder

right this moment...this is where i am in my the fork in the the edge of the cliff...with toes gripping the edge and the wind calling my name.......

Monday, June 09, 2008


if you were born to be a leader, lead! take the lead if it isn't given to you first. blaze the trail. usher in a new era. lead your people, lead your generation, lead us all into the promise of a new tomorrow. when the people lead, the leaders will follow. take the lead position and give others a target to aim for. lead the way to victory; lead the way to freedom. if it has always been hard for you to follow, now it's the time for you to lead. take one woman by the hand and lead her to a life of peace. lead her back to herself. if all the world's a stage, we need our leading ladies. and that means we need you now, more than ever, to lead.
--from 365 Words Of Well-Being For Women by Rachel Snyder

first, i must say a special hello and thank you to ms. snyder...if you haven't noticed she has been visiting and commenting on my blog. first time she responded i was like oh wow, then i was hoping she wasn't upset at me posting from her book lol.
i know so many of us have absorbed her words to heart, and some have even purchased this wonderful lil' book. both were my intentions for starting the posts. so thank you for stopping by...and i hope you guys will check her out on my list to the side.

second, the last few sentences of "Lead" are so important...start with taking one woman's hand and lead her back to herself or lead her out of a bad situation. i remember the ones who did this for me, and i will forever be grateful. i told myself a long time ago, i would always do the same for one at a time, grab those hands, go back and get another...then another...and yet another...until the healing is done...and in turn we heal ourselves, don't you think?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Today of course..and everyday....

--for the Creator & She...always close, always love
--for one helluva team this year...the passion we have for the words...despite the game of slam
--for the beautiful women in my life, and the things we teach one another...and the hands clasped together
--for the smile on his face when he speaks of her
--for my magnificent children...thank you for allowing me to be your mommy
--for starry nights and listening...just listening
--for trusting me...for trusting you
--for the way you look at me and smile...but we know...we know it is not our time
--for music that makes me holla and be damn if i keep still
--for letting go, peeling off just a few more breathe
--for you slowly coming into your own lil panther...thank you for allowing me to witness the growth
--for rachel snyder visiting my blog lol with a good comment (check her out)
--for the people in my life...damn i am blessed
--for my creative hands
--for this life...tis good, tis good