Monday, October 30, 2006

Day 4

the first thing i do each morning is walk outside and look at the snow capped mountains not to far from my reach...and whisper "thank you"...does it get any better? probably!
when in Rome do as the Romans do...watched part of the Broncos game in these are some serious fans here! even the harley's are bronco orange. lol.
prepared for our first slam at the Mercury Cafe aka the Merc. familiar faces. new faces. hugs and smiles from both. the house band, Neo Complex and the Word Mechanics, played while several poets read before the open mic. sorta like open mic before the open mic. the scene was just as eclectic and artsy as friday night's Cafe Nuba (its hot and its black!).
hung out a lil with some of the Denver slam team (Katie, Paulie, Ken, Sawelo-bad spelling i'm sure).
these guys are family just as much as the neo soul family, made us feel such at home.
so here was the slam, now mind you no more than 8 slots available, and THEY pick the order.
Katie from the team, was the sacrifice poet(25.9)
i was GIVEN the first damn slot lol (23.2) take it back please take it back!
Young American Eddie (23.2)
Brandon Scapula, an amazing 16yr kid. judges robbed him (18.2)
Andrea Gibson....yeah i said Andrea Gibson!! (28.5) felt like i was touched by God personally.
BFran did the damn thing too! (25.8)
Shane Romero (22.3)
Ian...great poet (28.0)
Paule Lipman, another member of the team (26.7)
straight into 2nd round and high score gets to CHOOSE where he/she wants to read...
BFran had 'em laughing (26.8) Paulie (26.2) Ian (27.3) and Andrea (28.6)
3rd round only 2 poets fight it 2nd, no 3rd...though technically big brotha B got it!!
Ian scored 29.3 and Andrea took it all with 29.6...automatically earning a spot in the semi's.
it didn't matter we didn't win, i didn't even mind going out the first round. we were having so much fun, but more importantly we earned the respect of some fine poets.
i mean B and i did walk up in their house, home of the #1 slam team in the nation and did our thang fo sho! everyone showed us much love, sold a lil product, landed more gigs for a later date, and took some great pix(will post soon). wow. like i said can it get any better? probably!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Like Wow!

day 2 and 3: hit the road early...i just can't stop saying how beautiful the New Mexico area is, i mean just breathtaking....but breathtaking will not be the words for what was to come...more later.
-B and I were in awe the whole trip through New Mexico. the terrain, the rock formations jutting up into the sky, the earthy colors....God had fun here. i swear i saw indians standing warrior-like atop the plateaus, with their strong painted horses granting us passage. seriously. you knew they were here....still.
-met a mark in Las Vegas, NM who simply wanted to know he was justified beating the crap out of some guys he knew, with a bat, they broke in his home stole personal items. he didn't care about the material things, just wanted tape of his wife giving birth to their daughter. yes this is a conversation held in a gas station p-lot. he was a good man u could see it, a simple man.
-grabbed a quick bite from Johnny's Mexican Resteraunt, uh one-eyed Johnny manned the cash register. not a happy camper either....maybe cause he only has ONE eye.
-okay a caution sign: ELK Crossing next 6 miles....uh what!
-sign that read: speeds monitored by air
-look in rearview mirror and see 8 DHL trucks coming up the highway. but faraway, didn't know what type of trucks....very intimidating
-lil areas of snow popping up, can see snow capped mountains in the distance. OH MY!
-seeing antelope grazing...not deer...antelope
-at one point we came out of b's birthplace and crossed the Canadian River(canada being my birthplace) ironic is that?
-indie arie jamming as we are riding...Priceless
-there is a pass which divides NM from CO, which we thought would be short, turns out goes for miles and miles through the mountains. snow is everywhere but roads are clear people. i was so overcome by the beauty of it all, i cried. seriously. so damn good to be alive.
-stopped briefly at scenic loop...almost kissed the snow. threw a snowball at ya!
-hit denver, nice city...uh where are the black people? the last black person we saw was about 400 miles back. hopefully at Cafe Nuba we will see a few.

Cafe Nuba is an eclectic art experience. the people, the words, the artforms, a lil of everything. a whole lot of fun.
-independent film w/ the film maker actually there. -podcast slam -dj spinning -open mic....which b and i rocked the hell out of -carlos mena and jamie kilstein were the features. jamie was hot like fire, has been on tour since august and is booked through may...will be coming to NeoSoul in feb. -the whole time poets are spitting, there are two artists on stage opposite side painting on canvas. like seriously this is some interesting shyttttt! -the whole show was just that...a show to feed you. -made some great fact a group called the Deadly Penz wants us to come back and feature at their spot in Aroura...they are going to FLY us back. okay yeah we can do that!

thank you for all the love and prayers sent this way, don't stop. dang i miss my babies, and my man (everything for a reason).
B and I are chilling today, watching the games, doing some sight seeing, writing, invited to an african dance club tonight.
we are already forgetting time and days lol.
much love

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Adventure Begins....

okay so we got on the road about 9:45am this morning. i have been up since 7am, sending off my babies with hugs and plenty of kisses. damn missing them so much already. oh i went to sleep at about the math...its now 12:30am into friday...again do the math lol.
so it seems mr bfran wants to play a lil prank on shelle. joe b calls me said there is an issue w/the car. crap. b finally calls. what's wrong?. he starts to tell me the stickers were expired on the car rented, they didn't have any other vehicle available, so we will be driving something much smaller. like how much smaller. shelle put to you this way...i had to take a bag back home just so you can fit. what da hell!!!!! i'm freaking out a lil. tell tarik and my dad. now dad is like oh lawd in a small car in that kind of weather. he is not playing w/ you is he? no, i said b doesn't do that. so how about this mofo pulls up in a fine ass PT cruiser. whew!! gets out the car strutting and laughing...haha GOT YA!! damn bootie head...yeah he got me. he was so convincing...and yeah, he is still talking about how he got me...proud of himself i see.
on the road...beautiful day once outside of austin area. spent most of the time spitting poetry back n forth, listening to fellow poets cd's, and some great music. just being silly and laughing...
here are a few interesting things we have already experienced or seen:
--between Mullin and Zephyr, saw a very inviting fruitstand with large sign stating: Self Serv
uh like for real? there was no one there...we should of stopped.
--saw our first Starbucks in Brownwood, i instantly said "Kim"
--lots of sheep around, even saw one solo llama hanging out and chilling in the field
--came across a cotton field...instantly thought of Love and cotton pickers. the fields went on and on and couldn't help but think of our past, it was sobering.
--the trees up here are turning beautiful shades of gold and crimson...looks like Fall for real
--coming up on Sweetwater we spotted some wind powered energy, then like they were everywhere we looked. they are quite intimidating up close. beautiful in an eerie way.
--stopped at resteraunt for lunch recommended to B. walked in. place goes silent. everyone turns around. seriously. lady comes from back and says i'm so sorry we ran out of chicken. huh? we don't have anymore chicken left. uh that is all you serve? yes i'm sorry. i asked again to make sure. really that's all u serve? well yes plus the vegetables. oh i look at b and we head for the door. you could hear the scene continue inside once we walked outside. uh no ma'am.
--stopped at a quick fast food place...serving you guessed it CHICKEN!! but uh i believe there was some serious inbreeding going on with the wait staff. young girl asks "where ya'll from?"...was it obvious we weren't from there LOL
--saw our first tumbleweed....damn thing had the right away straight across the highway
--at least 65yr old white woman driving a black sports car with flames painted on the, one fast grandma
--tasted best damn apple pie, covered in caramel and pecans OMG!! sweet old lady said baby i will heat it up for you, then made us a fresh pot of coffee served in ceramic stopping there again for sure...New Deal, Tx
--um No sir no sir (huh Ms J), a black lawn jockey in Hale Center, Tx next to guess what....yep huge field of COTTON.
--stopped in Amarillo to get a camera and find a spot to access the internet. asked man in Walgreens where we could find a spot? around here? no, this side of town is SORT OF DEPRESSED, you won't find that here. i literally cocked my head to the side...depressed? I knew what he meant...but damn.

we are now in Santa Rosa, New Mexico...had to dodge the blizzard up ahead. can't wait to hit the snow tomorrow in Denver....yeah baby we riding.
hey check out Bfran's version of our trip at
love ya'll

Thursday, October 26, 2006

God is Sooooo Good

and i am grateful for it allllllll:
-my first book of poetry is done
-my first cd is done
-my first set of business cards done
-to actually sell something that i created
-to receive a gift from an angel that i didn't expect...thank you
-everything falling into place
-knowing when to say no and knowing when to say yes
-loving him
-the way he loves me
-the way mother's love their children
-stolen kisses
-my dad's smile today
-speaking up for myself
-knowing some things or some people are better for me at arm's length
please send up prayers for Brian and I as we venture out into the unknown. He and i are traveling to colorado and new mexico to share our love of poetry with others. it seems mother nature might have something else in store for please pray for traveling grace as well.
we both will be updating our blogs check back.
this will be some adventure LOL

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gratitude Wednesdays....okay its Thursday

--seeing tawanna shine even brighter when she saw her souljahs and fellow poets front and center
--being very pleased to see him, so unexpected...still feel like a school girl sometimes
--being inspired
--hugs from strangers when words touch them
--your soft face
--road trips
--peanut butter cookies
--love songs....not sex songs
--hugs from my children
--seeing my oldest babygirl...wish she would stay
--she is so much like me
--screaming at the voices to leave me alone lol
--ms josephine's creativity...and hard work
--knowing u like to play games with the mind, but u will never have mine
--neo neo neo neo neo neo neo SOUL!!
--eventhough your show was cancelled due to weather and mixups, still got to chat a bit.
--having a good time and exposing others to the world of spoken word who have never experienced it before...UT's Campus Fusion.
--whenever he wraps his hands around these double based hips
--safely crossing an entry ramp, high grass, and a frontage road to safety ON FOOT!
--car not getting towed to the unknown lol
--for mamas that didn't birth me, but call me friend.
--for acknowledging my fears and insecurities
--for late night calls to check on me
--for my bad ass boots
--for rain
--for cool days, cooler nights
--for long gratitude lists

Friday, October 13, 2006

i caught a glimpse of us today
you know
the way we were
back then
when life was hard
but u n i were oh so sweet
yeah back then
when we were happy
when we were satisfied
childish giggles escaped
at the sight of u
caught myself falling
in love
with u
with us
i welcomed the familiar feeling
like a cool spring day
like a warm cup ot tea
an old friend
and a smile flooded my heart.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What Am I Grateful For?

-flying almost 80mph on a jet ski, wanting to go even faster. hitting wakes and jumping at least 10ft in the air....YES!!
-the warm sun
-my brother being a bartender once, damn made some good drinks...came up with a new one "sex on a boat" lol
-my adventurous lil ones and their laughter
-playing the "i love u more" game with my son. he said i love you the mostest x infinity x2 + forever +forever + always x infinity/me + you x my heart.....i do believe he won!
-that i am a damn good cook
-for Angel's heart
-for the fact only 15 days away from the biggest road trip with my Big Brotha B!
-that things are falling into place...if i just relax
-for strong women poets like Inertia
-for Neo feeling like it use to
-for Spirit Groove and watching Ms. Jackson just shine
-true friendships...may have been a detour...but we found each other again.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

where u been?
why r u here now?
empty corridors of this heart
echo with heavy footsteps of regret
silver tongues carve fault lines
too far within the epicenter
for repair
keloid scars rise to the occassion
leading me back to you
leaving freshly picked scabs behind
for black crows to find
even they do not want this poison
but i drink deeply
swallow frequently
with spoonfuls of your tainted sugar
thinking one day
my immune system
will build a resistance against you
flatline tendencies daily
pleasure in resurections
as you kiss me
hold me tight
my heart can't breathe
in the distance
just past the cloud on the left
there next to the melting rainbow
the faint sound of tomorrow
is crying.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Day In Need...Indeed

-sunday night bowling, and how about ms taylor with a 130 and 2 strikes in a row!!
-yummy herbal teas
-the fact i love to try new things
-text messages that make you laugh on a hard day
-laying outside, gazing at the stars
-the fact i still wish on shooting stars
-good laying outside, gazing at the stars while still wishing on shooting stars
-my sense of humor
-seeing through others bs
-knowing its not in me to be cruel to others
-that i have a big forgiving heart (hmm a blessing or a curse?)
-that i don't like guns or own one lol
-again, my sense of humor!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

PLEASE WATCH "FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS" TONIGHT, 7PM CENTRAL ON NBC. the pilot was shot earlier this year before they called my to join the cast, so he will be in the later shows. and i do believe David, the flow of our Eb, is also in this series. it seems to be the start of a really great its centered around football...who doesn't love that!!
Check it out!!

I apologize haven't posted much lately. haven't felt like being so public lately.
people judge me enough.
until then...