Thursday, November 12, 2009


--for the Creator of this Universe, and all that is good in the world
--for our first Game Night Party in our home, oh i was nervous...but it went great
--for more par ties coming with different themes (heehee)
--for our ever growing circle of friends being cultivated
--for such a wonderful, diverse group of ladies i really enjoy...we all are so unique
--for the heart of our home being happy...its good energy here
--for trying daily to get to that the picture above
--for epiphanies and growth, no matter how painful
--for reconnections and disconnections
--for the women in my life, including myself, who are going through whatever, but still are developing for the better and shining...we are stronger far beyond reason
--for the courage and exploring spirit of my proud of him
--for the way we are blue and mauve...nuff said
--for the way she buries her head into my neck, as she wraps her arms strong around me.
--for this enlightening, healing, beautiful, spiritual, joy-filled world we are creating everyday...always bumps in the road, but yeah we got this on lock lol
--for one step closer
--for my AWESOME children!!! (i can't say that enough)
--for this life i choose to show up for i got the pictures to prove it!!