Sunday, September 05, 2010


--for The Divine and She
--for my children, they really are awesome
--for my Brandy, and finally finding the love i have always wanted to have
--for US, and finally being able to give the kinda loving i thought would never return.
--for making me believe again
--for those who truly care
--for strangers who obviously were angels, thank you
--for our journey together, and as individuals
--for the soundness of Bluequisha, man she be moving
--for the lil things that bring so much joy
--for alone time
--for her touch
--for growth and really looking in the mirror we hold up for one another
--for loving those who play the game of loving me...its ok, it is what it is
--for trusting myself
--for being unique, and its okay folks don't get me...she does
--for those who choose to bad mouth me and spread gossip, yes it is hurtful and i've shed many tears (even lately)...but i am learning and rising above it
--for forgiveness, still learning this one...but learning non the less
--for letters of hope
--for my creativity, my gift
--for is a must
--for forks in the road that always lead back

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