Thursday, September 16, 2010

fall is coming, well as best as Texas can produce a Fall. at least it will take the edge off this sometimes unbearable heat, perhaps even take the edge off of mine.
Life is interesting, and always has proven to be. i stop saying "crazy," eventhough it could still be said; but by saying "interesting" means there is something unique and/or positive that will come of it...and that is growth.that is strength. that is painful lessons. that is forgiveness. that is introspection and overstanding. that is being still, listening to God and finding peace. that is still loving.
and i do
it is really simple actually.
just because certain people who were once my ace boo koo feel the need to keep poison on their tongues, and i choose to remove myself from their bulls-eye does not mean i have taken my love away.
just means i am protecting my sanity. protecting love. protecting my heart. i don't want it hardening or changing like my trust factor has diminished.
i have gone through several mourning stages after realizing certain parts of me were changing or dying . To realize things you once loved about yourself had to be curtailed because of someone else's actions, physically has caused me pain in its withering.
i have retreated, like a wounded animal licking her wounds; but far from being the victim. it is in the retreat where i will resurrect what i once so loved. i have no choice right now but to remain still. wait, scratch that...we always have a EVERY choose to remain still right now.
God is there
love is there
and she is and wherever she is...that is where you will find me.
this my friends is my truth, and no one knows my truth but i, everyone else has their own interpretations of my truth, which i find hurtfully hilarious.
it is what it is.
i do me...and i do me know the rest.
i think if folks KNEW my truth, or took the time to get to know ME not other's words, they would be quite surprised and ashamed at how it differs from what they think. i have a sick fantasy of them lining up one by one, tear streaked face, some falling to their knees, apologizing for all their transgressions. i often have been impressed, though often broken into pieces because of it, of the creativity and cleverness of the wicked web's weave.
the closest one's have the ugliest designs.
oh if you would be quite ironic actually.
yet details are not necessary, when others have their own colors to paint my life.
i throw my hands up, not in defeat but in enough! i refuse to comply.
those who refuse to let the weeds fill their ears, and choose to see my actions for their own will love me as love is suppose to be.
we all got our fucked up shit. i claim mine you?
so the wolf retreats to the cave of her heart, healing and rejuvenating, becoming stronger in a gentler warrior kind of way. Yet careful, a wounded animal is most dangerous.She is fiercely protective of her cubs, and the alpha Zeus who reigns beside her...i will do what is necessary for our survival.

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