Friday, August 13, 2010

you wounded me
yet i don't know why
i loved you
perhaps more than you loved you
perhaps more than i loved me
not any longer
i am done.
my arms are tired of reaching between the blades
fingers nicked to the bone
did you acquired the taste of my own blood
more than yours?
did you enjoy the smell of my tears
since they reminded you of authentic?
what was it about me you hated so much?
what was it about you i loved so much?
let me count the ways...
i had your back
even when your bully eye was on mine
did the first cut cause you to salivate?
did the healing cause you to smile?
did curiosity make you crave the cut again?
i get it
but you never got me
cause i love you
and it sux that i still do.
funny thing is...
well its just funny i choose to write about this on THIS day.

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